Childish Gambino's 'Guava Island' Film Is Here & Fans LOVE His On-Screen Chemistry With Rihanna

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After his performance at Coachella on Friday, April 12, Childish Gambino unveiled a new movie featuring Rihanna called Guava Island and Twitter can't seem to get enough of their on-screen chemistry. The short film, which was released for streaming on Amazon Prime shortly after making its debut at the festival, revamps several songs from Gambino's discography including “This Is America,” “Saturday” and “Summertime Magic.”

Shot in secrecy last year in Cuba, Guava Island was reportedly inspired by the Brazilian film City of God and Prince's Purple Rain, according to Rolling Stone. And although it does not feature much new music from Childish Gambino or any singing from Rihanna, the magic between them in the film can be felt through and through.

In the film, Gambino, aka Donald Glover, steps in the role of Deni Maroon, a musician who tries to bring a music festival to the fictional island of Guava, while Rihanna plays his girlfriend, Kofi Novia. The storyline surrounds the natives of Guava Island, who are being oppressed by a rich man named Red who has cornered the market on the country's silk export industry. As Glover's character Deni prepares to put on the Saturday night music festival, Red insists that he cancel the show because he thinks that the people who work in his sweatshop will be too tired to go to work o Sunday. At one point in the film, Deni gets political, giving a speech about the structure of government. “This is America. Guava’s no different than any other country,” he explained. “America is a concept. Anywhere where, in order to get rich, you have to make someone else richer, is America.”

But there was also a romantic element to the film. At another point in Guava Island, Rihanna looks on as Gambino's character playfully performs his song "Summertime Magic" for her while they're on the beach and the moment has seemingly given fans all the feels.

1. It's Heartwarming

One fan was overjoyed after seeing Glover sing to Rihanna.

2. It's The Best Thing Ever

The moment totally made this commenter's day.

3. It's A Moving Moment

Another fan called the moment "powerful."

4. It's Pure Perfection

This viewer couldn't think of a better song for Glover to serenade Rihanna than "Summertime Magic."

5. It's Victorious

Although this commenter seemed disappointed about Rihanna not singing in the film, they are still excited about Glover's performance in the film.

6. It's Hard To Express

This person doesn't have to the words to express just ho much they love Gambino and Rihanna together.

7. It's What You'd Expect

Meanwhile, this fan shared love for Glover while saying Rihanna is "perfect as usual."

Despite Glover and Rihanna's love story being a huge focus in the film, the scope of Guava Island's narrative is much larger than that. Written by Donald Glover's brother Stephen Glover and directed by Atlanta collaborator Hiro Murai , the 55-minute movie honed in on many topics and underlying themes, including social repression and political revolution all while using the power of music as a means of unity. And fans couldn't help but to react to some of the film's powerful moments.

With so much to take away from the film, it goes with saying that fans will be watching over and over again.