The New Oreo Flavor Is Super Classy

by Eliza Castile

This close to the new year, all anyone can talk about is how ready they are for 2016 to be over, but if you have a sweet tooth, you have something to celebrate before the year ends. According to Delish, chocolate-covered strawberry Oreos are a thing that exist, and if you can't already feel the cavities forming after reading that sentence, you're made of sterner stuff than I am. Then again, it must be said that not even the prospect of a root canal could prevent me from trying the special edition flavor, so bring on the dental work.

On Tuesday, Delish reported that one of the website's editors had come across the Oreos at a Target in the Midwest, and according to Pop Sugar, the flavor is part of an exclusive deal with the store. Honestly, you probably already know whether novelty Oreo flavors are something you're interested in, but in case you're still on the fence, here's what to expect: Two traditional chocolate cookies and a chocolate cream filling with a dot of strawberry cream at the center. It's just about as classy as junk food can get.

I haven't gotten my hands on them, but Delish wrote that although the package smells intensely like strawberries, the actual cookies are "perfectly balanced." Apparently, there's also a rather intense aftertaste, but every cookie has its flaws.

Say what you will about the rest of 2016, but the geniuses over at Nabisco have had a banner year, beginning with the release of Cinnamon Bun Oreos in January. There have been a bunch of other limited-edition flavors since then, and they've all been super creative. In May, Nabisco released the surprisingly delicious Fruity Crisp Oreos, which consisted of two graham crackers and a cream flecked with crisps that looked a lot like the Fruity Pebbles you used to love as a kid. Other highlights include Blueberry Pie, Swedish Fish, and Filled Cupcake, which mimicked Hostess cupcakes. This was also the year when Nabisco brought back a seasonal favorite, the Red Velvet Oreo, causing junk food lovers nationwide to rejoice.

I would say we've reached peak novelty Oreo, but I get the feeling 2017 will bring approximately a million new flavors, too. The world truly is a wonderful place.