You HAVE To See Chris' Hilarious Chyrons On 'Bachelor In Paradise'


Giving Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants funny occupations has become sort of a tradition on the franchise. And this season of Bachelor In Paradise is no different. That's particularly true for Chris Bukowski's chyrons on BiP, which have been getting progressively more ridiculous (and more hilarious).

In case you didn't know, Chris is a longstanding veteran of Bachelor Nation, which makes his corresponding resume quite lengthy. Producers managed to squeeze his entire history with the franchise in one of his titles. It read, "Emily's Season, Andy's Season, Bachelor Pad Season 3, Bachelor in Paradise Seasons 1 &2."

That must've become too strenuous for editors to type out, because it eventually changed to "Bachelor Series Regular." Then, when he gave Derek some of his best wisdom amidst the John Paul Jones and Tayshia drama, he may have received the best title of all: "Bachelor Nation Elder." Fans couldn't get over the sass. Sure, Chris may hold the record for most appearances in the franchise, but he and Derek are the same age, so he's not technically an "elder."

But just when you thought producers couldn't outdo themselves, they came up with the best one yet. They wrote "Not Gerard Butler" under his name during a confessional cut. Technically, the description is accurate. He is, indeed, not Gerard Butler, even though they look very similar.

Despite Chris' lack of success during his many appearances on the Bachelor franchise, it looks like he could finally get a happy ending this time around. During Week 5 of BiP, he asked Katie to officially be his girlfriend, which means there's a real possibility that his next chryon could read, "Katie's Boyfriend," or even, in a couple weeks, "Katie's Fiance."

Of course, Chris isn't the first contestant producers have had their fun with. For instance, sisters Emily and Haley Ferguson have often been referred to simply as "The Twins," or independently, "twin." Then you have Heather, who appeared on Colton's season of The Bachelor as "Never Been Kissed," but that status changed once he gave her her first kiss — fireworks and all.

The franchise has also had its fair share of animal impersonators and enthusiasts, including Alexis the "Aspiring Dolphin Trainer" from Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor and Alex "The Sloth" from Colton's season.

Add in "Bachelor Superfan" James from Season 12 of The Bachelorette, Lucy the "Free Spirit" from Season 18 of The Bachelor, Daniel the "Canadian" from Jojo's season of The Bachelorette, and Brandon the "Hipster" from The Bachelorette Season 12, and producers have made quite the legacy for themselves.

Of course, let's not forget our shining star (and fellow Bachelor in Paradise contestant) John Paul Jones, who was fittingly given the title "John Paul Jones" on Hannah's Bachelorette season, since being JPJ is basically a full-time job. Alas, Chris' rotating list of chyrons may have topped everyone who's come before him. But there are still a few episodes of BiP Season 6 left, so let's see what else producers have cooked up before officially handing out the crown.