Chris Evans Is Launching A Political Website That Will Examine Issues In A Unique Way

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Even when he's not working to save the planet alongside the Avengers, it seems like Captain America is still involved in the political sphere. On Saturday, April 6, Chris Evans announced he's launching a political website, with the intention of allowing readers to get both sides of an argument in a quick, bias-free way.

The Avengers star confirmed the news on Twitter, after CNN National Political Reporter Maeve Reston shared an article that featured a video from Evans, asking members of both Democratic and Republican members of Congress to contribute to the site. "Actor @ChrisEvans is creating a website where you can hear both sides of a political issue in a succinct, digestible way," Reston wrote about the proposed project. In his own tweet, Evans wrote, "Guess the cat’s outta the bag :)" before thanking, "everyone who has already participated" in the creation of the website.

According to CNN, the project — which is reportedly called "A Starting Point" — is designed to help Americans engage with politics by creating "a straightforward source of information on the issues without any spin." In a video obtained by CNN, Evans put a call out to members of Congress to take part in interviews where they can answer questions and include resources for readers to learn more about the topics they discuss. "I want to make it clear that this website has nothing to do with my political opinion," Evans states in the clip. "It's not about my political opinion. This is about yours. This is a chance for you to talk about issues that matter to you."

Though the actor made it clear that A Starting Point would not be centered around his opinions, Evans hasn't shied away from sharing his thoughts and feelings on the current administration, and told The Hollywood Reporter that he feels an obligation to speak out against policies that he doesn't agree with. "You don't want to alienate half your audience," he told the outlet in late March. "But I'd be disappointed in myself if I didn't speak up. Especially for fear of some monetary repercussion or career damage — that just feels really gross to me."

Despite his outspoken criticisms of President Trump — including a passionate and poignant rebuttal of his immigration policy on Twitter — Evans has explained that he tries to find a balance between anger and compassion when discussing his political beliefs. "Not everyone who voted for Trump is going to be some horrible bigot," the Avengers star told Esquire in March 2017.

He continued, "There are a lot of people in that middle; those are the people you can't lose your credibility with. If you're trying to change minds, by spewing too much rhetoric you can easily become white noise."

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Evans isn't just using his voice to critique the administration; in March 2018, the actor also weighed in on the #MeToo movement, explaining to the New York Times that he was ""gender inequality and the distribution of power lately," and had come to the conclusion that it was important to him, as a male ally, to make women's voices heard. "The hardest thing to reconcile is that just because you have good intentions, doesn’t mean it’s your time to have a voice,” Evans told the paper.

Later in the Times interview, the actor explained that he finds himself happiest when he's following his heart and his passion, which could explain his desire to move away from movies and into the world of politics and news. "When I think about the times that I’m happiest, it’s not on a movie set," Evans explained. "I’ve stopped thinking about my trajectory, or my oeuvre, or whatever pretentious word you want to use. I’m just following whatever I feel creatively hungry for."

Clearly, Evans' passion for politics has lead him to this new venture, and based on his comments about avoiding biases and engaging in conversations with people from both sides of the aisle, A Starting Point will likely have something for Captain America fans of all perspectives.