Chris Evans Just Shared A Message To Anyone Who "Chooses To Stay Out Of Politics"

by Stephanie Downs
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

With his timely and on-point current events commentary, Chris Evans continues to prove that he's just like Captain America off-screen. Most recently, Evans' tweet about people who avoid politics sends a strong message about being a spectator in today's political landscape. But instead of forcing his views on anyone, the Avengers star implores those individuals to really think carefully about their stance (or lack thereof).

On Monday, Oct. 7, Evans urged anyone who "chooses to stay out of politics" to consider what breaking point would make them finally feel the need to get involved. He asked those same apolitical people to consider if that point has actually already happened, perhaps "too slowly to notice." As his proactive approach makes clear, Evans is definitely not one to silently sit and watch when it comes to politics.

The actor's latest tweet comes amidst an ongoing inquiry into President Donald Trump's communication with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, which triggered a whistleblower complaint filed in August and subsequently sparked calls for impeachment from the House of Representatives.

A week before, Evans also weighed in on the impeachment inquiry news by writing that people connected to the president right now will expose him in the future and claiming Trump is "confusing their fear with loyalty." He wrote, "Once he’s gone, they’ll [be] eviscerating him. The damage he’s caused with be studied for generations. His legacy is irreversibly set."

Back in early 2017, the Avengers: Endgame star shared his concern on Twitter after the appointment of people such as Steve Bannon, Michael Flynn, and Jeff Sessions to Trump's cabinet garnered support from former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, David Duke. After Duke referred to Evans as a "typical dumb actor," he, in turn, responded with a flurry of tweets.

Ultimately, though, the actor said that he was choosing to lead with love, writing, "I don't hate them. That's YOUR method. I love. Try it. It's stronger than hate. It unites us. I promise it's in you under the anger and fear."

As for why he speaks up regarding issues that others may stay quiet about, Evans told the Hollywood Reporter that he simply can't ignore what's happening. "You don't want to alienate half your audience," he told the publication in March. "But I'd be disappointed in myself if I didn't speak up. Especially for fear of some monetary repercussion or career damage — that just feels really gross to me."

But Evans isn't just speaking out and using Twitter as a platform, he's trying to create his own platform, too. In April, the star announced he's been involved in a new non-partisan project called A Starting Point, a civic engagement site that aims to "demystify politics" by showcasing both Democratic and Republican lawmakers' positions on various issues.

It's currently unclear when A Starting Point will launch, but in the meantime, Evans is clearly not afraid to venture into political territory in any way possible. And based on all of his recent tweets about President Trump, he will continue to speak out when necessary.