Chris Evans Was A Total Gentleman To Regina King At The Oscars & Fans Are Swooning

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Captain America serves the Marvel Cinematic Universe with dedication, loyalty, honor, and, sometimes, a killer beard. But the actor that has played him for the better part of a decade keeps proving that he's just as good as the superhero he plays onscreen. On Sunday, Feb. 24, Chris Evans walked Regina King to the 2019 Oscar stage, and fans are swooning over the sweet gesture.

King took home the very first award of the 2019 Academy Awards, Best Supporting Actress, for her work in If Beale Street Could Talk. But before she could go up and deliver her speech, she had to make it up a handful of intimidating stairs (made especially treacherous by her gorgeous train and her high heels). Luckily, she had some help from a bonafide superhero in Evans, who was seated next to King and her mother in the very front row.

As soon as King's name was announced, Evans hopped up out of his seat to applaud her. But when he saw her stilettos get tangled up in her gorgeous white dress, he was quick to lend a hand, or a forearm, rather. And he escorted King up the stairs like one would expect Captain America to do.

Needless to say, the gentlemanly gesture was enough to have fans on Twitter faint in their seats. And they weren't shy about showering the actor with love on social media. "I love you Chris Evans," tweeted @SMmad90, summing up what everyone at home was feeling in that moment.

Devan Coggan, @devancoggan, was a bit more descriptive, writing, "Chris Evans helping Regina King to the stage as she wins best supporting actress is too much for me to handle."

It was such a wholesome, sweet gesture, that some, like writer Rachel Paige, @rachmeetsworld, decided Evans should be the night's designated escort up the Oscar steps.

And writer Dana Schwartz, @DanaSchwartzzz, suggested we create an entire new category for Evans at the Oscars tonight. "Chris Evans wins Best at Supporting Actress," she tweeted. Hey, as far as awards go, that one wouldn't be so bad.

Truly, no one lives up to his superhero alter-ego quite like Evans. He's such a Captain America IRL, that some, like writer Caroline Framke, were ready to forgive Marvel for any sins.

And, of course, other fans were just straight up dying of thirst after seeing Evans jump into action to help King.

And regular people watching at home weren't the only ones who noticed Evans' superb manners. He got a shoutout from Jamie Lee Curtis on Twitter, who called him a "gentleman." She later added, "And you look handsome AND well groomed! I just played his mother in a movie so I feel I can say that!"

This isn't the first time Evans has helped a woman get to the stage at an awards show. He also lent his arm to award winner Betty White at the People's Choice Awards in 2015. He escorted White to the stage to accept her Favorite TV Icon award in a move that many at the time deemed Captain America-worthy.

Maybe we should just make sure Evans is seated toward the front of every awards show from now on, just so he can help people make their way to the stage, you know, like Cap would want it.