This 'Bachelorette' Contestant Was Not Welcome At The "Men Tell All," Says To Chris Harrison

ABC/Paul Hebert

If fans were wondering whether they'd see former Bachelorette contestant Lincoln Adim again this season, the show's host, Chris Harrison, says that won't be happening. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight published Wednesday, Harrison said Adim is not welcome on the show and will not appearing on the upcoming Bachelorette Men Tell All reunion special.

Initial reports in June said that Adim had been convicted of indecent assault and battery. (Bustle previously reached out to Adim's lawyer when the news of his assault surfaced, but did not hear back.) And Harrison said he was not invited to participate in the reunion show. "I did not want him here, nor did he deserve to earn the right to be here. He forfeited that right obviously with what he did, and lying to us and deceiving everybody," Harrison told ET at the show's taping on Friday night. "So no, I'm very glad that he was not here and he was not extended an invitation."

Blogger Stephen Carbone, better known as Reality Steve, first broke the news of Adim's conviction in June, after the season had already begun to air. The conviction took place on May 21, just a week before the season premiere of The Bachelorette, but the charges reportedly stemmed from Adim's arrest on May 31, 2016 in Boston, Massachusetts. However, the network denied any prior knowledge of Adim's arrest.

Warner Bros. issued this statement to Bustle when news of Adim's conviction broke:

"No one on the 'Bachelorette' production had any knowledge about the incident or charges when Lincoln Adim was cast, and he himself denied ever having engaged in or been charged with any sexual misconduct. We employ a well-respected and highly experienced third party who has done thousands of background checks consistent with industry standards to do a nationwide background check in this case. The report we received did not reference any incident or charge relating to the recent conviction — or any other charges relating to sexual misconduct. We are currently investigating why the report did not contain this information."

The Suffolk County District Attorney Press Secretary Jake Wark confirmed Adim's conviction, to both Carbone and Bustle at the time, and according to ET, Adim is expected to attend Alcoholics Anonymous and register as a sex offender. While The Bachelor and its spinoff programs already require participants to undergo a thorough background check, the news sparked a conversation surrounding the show's screening process.

Past participant Robby Hayes told TMZ in June that, while he did not believe Adim could have lied his way through the casting process, he did think it'd force the team behind the show to be even more careful. "I do think it'll spark change with Warner Bros., with NZK [Productions], with ABC," Hayes said. "Because, you know what, the whole world's changing, and we've seen that in the last year-and-a-half in regards to sexual assault cases, so they've gotta conform with it."

The show also drew criticism earlier in the season when contestant Garrett Yrigoyen apologized for allegedly having liked social media posts making fun of feminists, survivors of the Parkland shooting, as well as immigrants. Yrigoyen apologized, but on Friday, Harrison argued that the controversies surrounding Yrgoyen and Adim were incomparable. "I have spoken to Garrett. And one thing I do wanna clear up too is that Garrett and Lincoln should not be in the same sentence," he told ET. "Garrett did something that you don't agree with, or that a lot of people don't agree with... That's not against the law. What Lincoln did was against the law — very different."

As of Monday's episode Yrigoyen is one of the final two men hoping to win Kufrin's love, which means neither he, nor Adim, will be made to answer these allegations on television — not yet.

If you or someone you know has been sexually assaulted, call the National Sexual Assault Telephone Hotline at 800-656-HOPE (4673) or visit online.rainn.org.