Chris Harrison Has A Beard On 'Bachelor Winter Games' & It's Making Fans Thirsty AF


For any fan of The Bachelor franchise, Chris Harrison is so familiar and dependable. He's always there, dressed in his suit and clean shaven, ready to help make some love connections... but on Tuesday night, that all changed. Chris Harrison has a beard on Bachelor Winter Games, y'all, and fans couldn't help but flock to Twitter to react to his facial hair.

It's important to remember that we don't often get to see Chris in the winter, since The Bachelor films in the fall and The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise film in early spring and summer. For the first time, Chris is in charge of hosting a show that takes place in the winter months, and it seems like he had to grow his beard out a bit to make sure his moneymaking face was protected from the Vermont snow and ice. You know, despite the fact that he's not even competing in any of these games.

The reactions to Beard Harrison (Beardison?) are everywhere and most of them are incredibly positive. Not everyone adjusts well to change, but it seems like Bachelor fans as a whole are really liking this new look. Maybe Winter Chris should be year round Chris?

First Things First: Chris' Beard Already Has Its Own Twitter Account

Yes, that was fast, and yes, Chris himself has already retweeted it, because why wouldn't he? Needless to say, the tweets coming from this account so far are top notch, and everyone needs to see them.

Most People Are Discovering A New Attraction To Chris

As a father figure to most of Bachelor Nation, it makes sense that many fans haven't been attracted to him, despite the fact that he is obviously a very handsome guy. However, the new beard is giving a few people second thoughts. It's amazing what a little facial hair can do to a guy.

This Person Just Wanted To Take A Second To Appreciate The Beard:

To be fair, it truly did deserve far more recognition on the premiere than it got. Hopefully, this is something that changes later on in the season, because seriously everyone on the show needs to stop what they're doing at some point during the Games and compliment this man's facial hair.

The Beard Made The Winter Games Seem More Authentic

If you really think about it, it kind of did. Not that the Winter Games as a whole didn't feel just like the actual Olympics, right? Snow, sports, an opening ceremony, an anthem, and now, Chris' beard... so far, it really has it all.

These Tweets Pointed Out How Truly Wonderful That Beard Really Is

These statements are just truth that need to be pointed out. This was what the world was missing, and now that The Beard is here, doesn't it feel like the universe just makes a tiny bit more sense?

And Then, There Was This Excellent Point Made:

Fans have said that Chris Harrison needs to take his turn at being the leading man for years now, so maybe it's about time he finally steps up to the plate, beard and all? Women from all over the place would surely apply for a chance with a one-on-one with him and his beard.

If Chris decides he'd like to hang onto this facial hair through Bachelorette filming, it doesn't sound like too many people would really complain about it. But let's be honest: Beard or not, Chris is definitely the best host this franchise could have. If he wants to bring it with a little stubble, well, you do you, Chris.