Chris Pratt Shared The Sweetest Post About His Growing Lamb Named Popcorn

by Taylor Ferber
Emma McIntyre/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

While taking a break from touring the globe to promote Jurassic World, this A-lister is living his best life — and it's one that's a complete 180-turn from Hollywood. Embracing his love of farm life, Chris Pratt posted the sweetest video of his lamb Popcorn, because farm animals grow up just so darn fast. The video and photos, which have received more than 1.3 million views in less than a day of being posted, are what the world needs right now.

The post is made up of a video and a series of photos to show just how big Popcorn has grown in only six months. The video shows Popcorn as a baby with (presumably) Pratt's sweet five-year-old son Jack giggling and talking in the background. The first photo shows Pratt holding Popcorn as a baby, and the following two show him holding Popcorn in his arms, all grown up, a few months later. It's appropriately captioned with the following:

"Beware- Cuteness overload: Popcorn the day he was born. And same lamb 6 months later! He's so fat and happy! Livin' the best, organic, stress free #farmlife!"

He may live a life of glamour and fame, but this Minnesota native clearly hasn't lost his passion for farm life.

The precious documentation is certainly making fans swoon. One Instagram user commented, "Such a cutie...the lamb is pretty cute too!" Another wrote, "Overalls for the win. Also, cute sheep" and "He's soo adorable!! oh, yeah.. the goat is too." Yep, farm life looks good on this guy.

After a busy few weeks on the movie promotion trail, it seems Pratt and his farm had a ton of catching up to do. Luckily, the actor has documented his reunions on social media, designating his last six Instagram posts to show fans what's been going on at the farm. On July 1, he posted two photos of his dozens of lambs, writing, "About to check on my ladies. All 'bout that farm life." The actor captioned another post with his all-time favorite, "#farmlife." On July 8, he posted another photo of his fluffy friends with his own haiku:

"Three generations. Suffolk sheep lambed in the fields. Product of the rock.
Tough as the land from where selected, feeding both shepards and eagles.
Seasons and decades Ebb and flow. Clockwork. I pause to watch them.
And in this moment there is simply nothing but the sunshine and us. ... And my camera phone.My instagram haiku and my #farmlife 😂🙏♥️"

Additional posts included a close-up shot of red gooseberries and a video of his dozens of running lambs, captioned, "Almost died today in a stampede. But that’s just #farmlife you know?" The last time Pratt posted about his farm was in April, when he shared a precious video of Jack spending time with the animals. Pratt expressed the significance of the farm and animals in their lives through a caption and proverb, saying, "I look at these sheep and I see myself... Start your kids of on the right path, and when they are older, they will not turn from it."

In April, Pratt posted about his 26 ewes, ten pigs, and 12 lambs, and how caring for the animals has the ability to feed his soul and soothe his mind. However, Pratt's caused controversy with his farming, particularly earlier this year when he shared a video about eating the farm-to-table lamb. In the video, he apologized for offending vegetarians, only to get accused of being "arrogant" by vegan activists, according to News More.

Still, Pratt's passion for the farm seems therapeutic for the actor and his family, and if it's what he loves, more power to him.