Chris Soules Is Formally Charged With An Alleged Hit & Run & His Arraignment Has Been Set

On Monday, KWWL reported former Bachelor star Chris Soules was formally charged with an alleged hit and run resulting in death. Attorneys also told KWWL that this formal charge is the same as Soules' initial charge filed on Tuesday, April 25, when he was arrested and charged for allegedly fleeing the scene of a fatal car accident. The Buchanan County Sheriff's Office confirmed Soules' arrest and charge on April 25.

The formal charge against Soules reads as follows, according to KWWL,

Soules' lawyers previously released a statement (which can be read in full below) that claims "Soules acted reasonably and did everything in his power to provide aid to Mr. Mosher [the deceased]."

KWWL reports law enforcement officers claim the 35-year-old left the scene before they arrived. The news outlet also reports that prosecutors allege Soules wasn't clear about what exactly happened regarding the accident on Monday, April 24 near Aurora, Iowa, including his "level of intoxication" and explaining the empty and open alcoholic beverages allegedly found in and around his truck.

Soules' preliminary hearing was originally set for May 10, but now that he has been formally charged KWWL reports that attorneys have said there will be no preliminary hearing. His arraignment is set for Tuesday, May 23.

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On Monday, May 1, multiple outlets reported that Soules' lawyers filed a motion to dismiss the felony charge brought against their client. Per court documents obtained by Us Weekly, the reality star's attorneys alleged that there was no probable cause for a felony charge against Soules, claiming that he identified himself and his role in the accident to 911 and claiming that he remained on the scene with emergency responders after making the call. On April 26, Bustle received 911 audio from the sheriff's office showing that Soules called 911 after the accident.

On Tuesday, May 2, KCCI Des Moines reported that prosecutors responded to Soules' lawyers' motion to dismiss and argued against a dismissal of charges due to the court already determining "that there is probable cause to believe that an offense has been committed and the defendant committed it." Prosecutors also reportedly argued that Soules was not in compliance with the law since he allegedly did not "immediately return to the scene of the accident or inform the law enforcement authorities where he could be located."

Bustle reached out to the prosecutor regarding the report of the argument against dismissal, but did not receive a response at the time of publication.

On Thursday, April 27, Soules' lawyers released a statement (via Just Jared). The statement reads in its entirety:

On May 3, a rep for Soules released the following statement to Bustle:

The Buchanan County Sheriff's released the following press release to Bustle last Tuesday: