This Video Of Chrissy Teigen Giving Luna Her First Happy Meal Is Too Cute

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You can always count on Chrissy Teigen to help brighten up your day with a classically cute and humorous tweet. This time, Teigen gave Luna her first McDonald's Happy Meal, and she chronicled the experience in a simply adorable video she posted on Twitter.

Late at night on Jan. 31, Teigen highlighted the family's outing to McDonald's. As it turns out, the outing was a special one for Luna, who got to experience the joy of her very first Happy Meal. Seeing as though the Lip Sync Battle host is a big fan of the fast food restaurant herself, she may have been even more excited than her daughter about the whole experience.

In the video, Teigen says, as she holds up that familiar little McDonald's container, "Luna, look! Lu, it's your first Happy Meal, do you see the box?" Luna replies, "This is my first french fry." But, her mom is quick to correct her and says that it's not her first time eating a french fry, but that it's her first time eating the kid-friendly meal.

The cookbook author captioned her post with a touching message about the "simpler days" of being overjoyed by getting a Happy Meal (oh to go back to the days of mini french fries and Beanie Babies prizes!). "Luna’s first happy meal, I don’t know why I’m emotional. I just remember these simpler days," she wrote, and, lest anyone be confused about the situation, she once again clarified with the hashtag, "#NOTYOURFIRSTFRY."

Based on Teigen's update on her Instagram Story, in which Luna can be seen snacking away on her Happy Meal with the cutest smile on her face, that their outing to McDonald's was a total success.

Chrissy Teigen/Instagram Story

Given Teigen's love of McDonald's, it's no surprise that she'd want to instill a love of Happy Meals in her daughter. After all, she's such a fan of the brand that she even appeared in a commercial for the fast food eatery's $1, $2, $3 Dollar Menu in early 2018, in which she brought the laughs as she snuck food into an awards ceremony (a super respectable move, just sayin').

The model previously opened up to Us Weekly in July 2017 about why she loves McDonald's so much, and her reason why is actually so sweet. “I love McDonald’s because no matter where you go in this entire world, you’re always going to feel at home and it’s always going to taste like comfort no matter which city you’re in, which country you’re in,” Teigen said, after she partnered with McDelivery and UberEats, "I’ve been traveling since I was so, so young. It always felt like comfort to me. It still tastes like comfort to me.”

If these recent partnerships with the company weren't enough to convince you that she's the biggest McDonald's stan ever, her baby shower festivities in 2016 may just seal the deal. To celebrate the birth of her first child, Teigen had a baby shower that featured a McDonald's buffet, as BravoTV.com noted. That pretty much takes the fast food love to a whole other (still fun) level, doesn't it?

Teigen clearly has a passion for McDonald's. And it's apparent based on Luna getting her very first Happy Meal that she's ready to pass on that love of the fast food restaurant to her daughter.