Chrissy Teigen & John Legend's New Luna Videos Show Off Her Sassy Side

by Stephanie Downs
Jerod Harris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend's daughter Luna may only be 3 years old, but she's already a star. On Instagram, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend posted new videos of Luna that showcase just how much the tot takes after her hilarious mom.

Luna had plenty of things to say in a video shared by Teigen on May 30. Mainly, she wanted everyone to know that she's the smartest kid in town. In the clip, a woman, who is likely Teigen's mom, Vilailuck Teigen, can be heard telling Luna that she's knowledgeable about many different subjects. But, Teigen and Legend's daughter believes that she knows more than her grandma, as she says, "I know everything."

The toddler ramps up the sass and the cuteness as she continued to detail everything that she knows. "I know how to eat candy. And I know how to eat spocky [Teigen explained in the comments that she means the flavorful biscuit snack Pocky]. And I know how to eat sour patch candy. And pasta. And eggs. Eggs are all I eat." Basically, Luna is well on her way to be a total foodie just like her cookbook author mom.

Luna isn't just an expert when it comes to food, as she continued to relate that she can indeed swim and travel, saying, "I can travel, I'm the one!" (Which is my new personal motto, by the way.) One thing the adorable tot can't do? Drive a car. Don't worry though, Luna is determined to get on the road in no time, as she said that driving will have to wait until "Maybe when I get a little bit older."

Legend also took to Instagram to share another instant classic moment featuring his daughter. In the clip, Luna can be seen jamming along to a track in a restaurant that just so happens to be one of the singer's own. When someone asks her to name the singer on the tune, she instantly replies, "Dada," and adds, with a little head tilt for good measure, "It's my dad."

When it comes to Luna's bright personality, you can totally see that she's inherited a little bit of that hilarity from her always-funny mom. In August 2017, the Lip Sync Battle host opened up about how much her tot is just like her, which has led to some humorous mother-daughter "team ups." She told Us Weekly, when asked whether Luna is more like her or her husband:

"Me! She's sassy. We team up against John. He likes that she's a strong, young girl. She's also very sweet and caring."

It's a different story when it comes to the couple's son, Miles, who Teigen said is very chill in comparison to his older sister. "He loves the quiet moments," she told E! News in October 2018, "He loves story time, but Luna was just such a bull. From the moment she came out, you just knew she was going to be such a Luna — just a nut case."

Luna certainly does have a big personality, which shouldn't come as a surprise to those who know her mom. And thankfully, Teigen and Legend are always down to share mini-Chrissy's hilariously adorable moments on social media for all of their fans to see.