Chrissy Teigen & John Legend Shared Paris Vacation Photos That'll Give You Serious FOMO

Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In their time together, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend have taken some pretty epic vacations together, but their most recent trip might be one of the best, especially since their children, Miles and Luna, are involved. Over the weekend, Legend and Teigen shared photos from their trip to Paris on Instagram, and not only are all the pictures adorable (of course), but it also looks like they're getting plenty of family time in during their travels.

The first photo came from Legend on Saturday, featuring him and Luna walking in a crosswalk, holding hands. They're both wearing sunglasses, and while Legend is smiling, Luna looks like she's taking the situation very seriously, which really adds to the picture. Not like it's surprising, though — this little lady has traveled a lot in her three years of life, and she's also posed for a ton of photos along the way.

"Luna's in Paris," Legend wrote in his caption.

So far, the fam hasn't shared too many details about why they're in Paris or what else they're planning to do on this trip, but really, the photos are enough to fill in the gaps — especially this one, because it seems like these two are seriously enjoying some daddy/daughter time (and they are clearly very photogenic while it's all happening).

Teigen also shared a snap of the whole family together, with Luna standing between her parents and Miles in his stroller. She kept the caption short and simple, writing, "bonjour." Here, Luna looks far less serious than she did in the photo of her dad — there's a grin on her face this time.

Being that Teigen's mother, Vilailuck Teigen, usually travels with the fam, it's no surprise that she's on the trip with them, and she's posted a few photos, too. In the post she shared on Instagram, they're all at the Louvre, but Luna and Miles don't quite seem to grasp the significance of the location they're in. Miles is in his stroller, more interested in his pacifier than anything else, and even though Luna and Vilailuck took a photo in front of the Mona Lisa, she couldn't look less fazed by it.

But anyone who's traveled with kids before knows this is pretty much the norm — and one day, Luna and Miles will both understand how cool it was to see such a famous painting in person.

Chances are also probably pretty high that when Luna gets older, she'll also have tons of commentary to share on the subject, because judging by the videos Teigen and Legend have been sharing of her lately, this toddler loves to talk, and she wants the world to know that she's on the go. As she told her grandmother in this (very adorable) video, "I can travel. I'm the one."

Hopefully, Legend and Teigen will share more of their adventures in Paris, including more photos of the kiddos. So far, it seems like they're having a blast together, and being in Europe is just the icing on the cake.