You Can Get Chrissy Teigen To Settle Your Pettiest Grievances On Her Court Show

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you've ever imagined that Chrissy Teigen would totally get you and understand where you're coming from, the cookbook author is finally giving you a chance to prove it. Chrissy Teigen's court show is looking for cases, with the mother of two posting on social media that she's willing to rule over all of the pettiest quarrels and disagreements fans can come up with.

"Bought a bridesmaid dress for a wedding that never happened? Sh*tty roommate? Significant other watch a show without you?" Teigen wrote on Instagram, alongside the official casting call for plaintiffs on her upcoming Quibi show, Chrissy's Court, which she also shared on Twitter. "No claim is too small! If it's petty, we want you!" Any of Teigen's followers who think they have a very small claims case that they want the social media maven to weigh in on are invited to submit their story to info@chrissyscourt.com.

Of course, the unofficial mayor of Twitter also began sharing her opinion on possible cases on the platform on Aug. 30, shortly after posting the casting notice. "How about if my now ex took the inheritance money my mama left me?" Twitter user @LianeMarie1 wrote to Teigen. "YES PLEASE SUBMIT," the Cravings author responded passionately. The future judge also retweeted another post from Twitter user @lisa2bags, revealing that she still held a grudge over the Taco Bell cashier who checked to see if her $1 bills were counterfeit. "We accept this case," Teigen wrote in response.

Teigen first revealed Chrissy's Court back in May, as part of the announcement for Jeffrey Katzenberg's new streaming service, Quibi. According to The Hollywood Reporter, all of the cases on Chrissy's Court will feature real plaintiffs with real small-claims cases. And while Teigen doesn't have any judicial experience, all plaintiffs and defendants who appear on the show will have to agree to accept her judgements, whatever they may be.

"When Cellino & Barnes broke up, I was devastated. I knew I had to take matters into my own hands," Teigen said in a joking statement to THR at the time. "Here’s one jury duty you won’t want to miss." She also revealed that her mother, Vilailuck "Pepper Thai" Teigen will serve as the bailiff in the courtroom, allowing fans to truly live their dreams of hanging out with the whole Teigen family.

In June, Teigen gave fans a preview of the kind of fair deliberations she will give each case in a series of Instagram videos where she negotiated with 3-year-old daughter, Luna, in "Candy Court." Banging a makeshift gavel at the beginning of the clips, Teigen declared, "I now call to order the meeting of the candy. First off, Luna, I would like you to speak — tell me about why you deserve the candy." Luna's reasoning? "I want the candy ’cause I want it … and I like it," the toddler explained. After some negotiations about the amount of candy Luna would get — two pieces — and the conditions of the agreement — she had to be on her best behavior — the case was settled, proving that Teigen will be a tough but fair judge.

In addition to Chrissy's Court, Teigen is also working on a food-related show for Hulu, which was described by CBS as a "cooking and talk show, called Family Style," which she will host alongside acclaimed chef David Chang. As part of her deal with the streaming service, the author also worked to allow new subscribers to join Hulu for half off, so that all of Teigen's fans can enjoy her upcoming talk show for a discount.

Between her many upcoming projects, her best selling cookbooks and her multiple gigs as a TV host, it's clear that Teigen will bring a multitude of talents and personality to her new role as the judge of a small claims court. May the honorable Judge Chrissy rule wisely and fairly over all of our pettiest problems for years to come.