Chrissy Teigen's Daughter Luna Gets The Cutest Christmas Present, If Her Mom Doesn't Steal It First

Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Admit it: Chrissy and Luna Teigen are literally #MomAndDaughterGoals. Every time these two come together, you know your heart is going to straight up melt at their cuteness. Christmas Day 2016 was no different when Luna received a special gift from Santa and Teigen was quickly eyeing it up. What exactly did Luna receive that was special enough to be worthy of Teigen's excitement? Only the hottest Christmas gift of 2016: Hatchimals.

Posted on Sunday afternoon to Teigen's Instagram was an adorable picture of the Teigen-Legend family in the middle of unwrapping their Christmas gifts. Teigen looked gleeful as she gazed upon the crown jewel of the Christmas haul, a Hatchimal. Sweet little Luna was also looking up at the camera and trying to climb into Teigen's lap (probably to see what the fuss was about). The caption is even funnier and sweeter that the picture itself: "We are all pretending this is for Luna." You guys, I can't deal.

It's no surprise that Luna got one of the most-coveted gifts of the year and it is even less of a surprise that Teigen would be even more excited than Luna to receive it. Maybe this will be an adorable mother-daughter toy that Teigen will document she and Luna playing with on her Instagram?

Teigen has been dutifully documenting Luna's first Christmas since the holiday season began. Her Instagram has been flooded with the most hilarious holiday videos and memories, including Luna's first visit with Santa Claus. The visit was eventful, to put it mildly, but it was also just pretty hilarious too. Luna seemed excited to meet Santa up until the moment she actually had to sit on his lap; things got a little dicey after that.

A November interview with E! revealed that Teigen was excited to spend Christmas at home this year because she and husband John Legend wanted to make Luna's first Christmas a memorable one. "I can't wait for Luna to see our big Christmas tree up because...we've never really had a proper holiday season in a home before—we've always kind of been on the move or we tend to go on vacation during the holidays," Teigen remarked. I'm sure the tree was stunning, but this Hatchimals picture will surely going down as one of the most memorable moments for Luna's first Christmas.