Chrissy Teigen's Daughter Is Ruling Christmas

I hate to be the one to break it to Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, but their baby daughter Luna is totally stealing their spotlight this holiday season. While the talented Teigen and Legend are no slouches in the being adorable department, Teigen shared Christmas pictures of Luna, and her cuteness is not quantifiable. In addition to being a total star-in-the-making, Luna could very well be the only baby in the world who is not afraid of the department store Santa. That is a long laundry list of accomplishments for someone who hasn't even turned 1 year old yet.

While Legend is away in Paris, Teigen and Luna made the annual pilgrimage to Macy's like so many other families do, and the proud mom shared the sweet family photos with her followers on Instagram and Twitter. The holiday photos are extra special because this is little Luna's first Christmas. The youngest member of the Teigen-Legend family is just 8 months old, but she is already showing off her natural talent to charm her adoring audience by simply being herself.

In one photo, Luna is seen reaching out for Santa's glasses (classic photo op move), and in another, she is chilling in Santa's lap wearing her matching dress, as if she doesn't know she is the cutest baby in the world. Seriously, Luna is doing the holidays right. From her flawless holiday outfit to practicing for her future singing career with her grandmother, little Luna is doing her part to make the season merry, bright, and full of baby adorableness.

Look at Santa's face — that is one little girl whose name is going at the top of the nice list this year. Even though the Macy's Santa sees thousands of kids each December, it is clear even he was not immune to Luna's holiday spirit. His grin in the solo photo with Luna says it all. Given how comfy Luna looks, I would say this is a mutual admiration society.

Teigen deserves a little credit for this Christmas baby magic too. Since Legend is working at the moment, Teigen did not want the singer to miss out on his first Christmas family photo with Santa. Her solution was to draft someone to pose alongside her, Santa, and Luna with a Legend face cutout. Now that is some A+ mom crafting. Bonus points go to Luna for playing along with her mom's attempt to squeeze dad in the picture.

Of course, all kids know the true key to having a successful holiday is working the grandparents. It was not enough for Luna to rock the perfect outfit, be a total sweetheart with Santa, and pose for a family photo without crying; she had to go and perform a musical number with her grandmother too. In what may be the most darling video you will see this holiday season, Luna proves her dad is not the only member of the family with musical talents with her grandma-assisted rendition of "If You're Happy and You Know It." Watch it below and prepare for your cold 2016 heart to finally thaw.

Luna, if there was an official Christmas crown, the universe would have to hand it over to you. May 2017 bring more Luna goodness and lots of happiness for the Teigen-Legend family.