Chrissy Teigen Refuses To Let Her Friends Be Happy About ANYTHING After Her Dog’s Death

Greg Doherty/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's heartbreaking to hear when anyone loses a pet, but when it happens to Chrissy Teigen, an actual human ray of sunshine, it's somehow even sadder — especially seeing her reaction to the whole thing. After Teigen's dog died she started reminding friends about the loss on Instagram, and it just goes to show that no matter who you are, you are not immune to feeling like everyone should join you when you're experiencing grief. This time, in a really funny way.

Teigen announced the sad news about Puddy on Tuesday, after sharing updates about his health over the last few weeks. She and husband John Legend have both been posting tons of their memories with Puddy (including his very real wedding), and seeing them mourn their loss has definitely been tugging at their followers' heart strings. He was a dog who was very obviously so loved, and glad to have been taken care of by Teigen and Legend, where he likely lived a better life than most of us humans can ever expect or hope to.

Then, on Wednesday night, Teigen moved into the next stage of grief, which is apparently telling all of your friends to stop having fun when something so horrible has happened. She shared a couple of her Instagram comments on Twitter, just to make her point clear:

On a post where friend and hairstylist Jen Atkin was talking about her products showing up on store shelves, Teigen commented simply, "my dog just died." And on a post where her friend Marisa was enjoying snowy weather, Teigen wrote, "glad to see your [sic] so happy my dog just died."

Obviously, Teigen isn't being serious; it's hard to speak for her at this time, but she's probably aware that the world keeps turning even when something horrible happens to you. However, her comments are basically symbols of exactly how most of us feel when we lose a pet. Nobody else should be allowed to be happy when you're so sad and missing your furry friend, right? Selfishly, everyone else should mourn along with you, because don't they know that everything sucks right now?

And even though no one will ever know Puddy the way that Teigen and Legend did, it's safe to say that she's right in that this is how Puddy would have wanted it. Upon his death, that beautiful dog would have probably been cool with it if everyone took the time to properly pay their respects, and that means no smiling, no hair product talk, and definitely no playing in the snow.

Oh, and let's not forget his wife. Puddy's wife, Pippa, probably knew him best of all, and would confirm that this is, in fact, what he would have wanted.

People have been sending Teigen tons of condolences in what has to be a really rough time... but then, there are the usual trolls, too. Like this true gentleman, who had to let her know that she spelled Puddy's name wrong — even though he is her dog and she obviously decided how his name was spelled. As Teigen explained, he was named after David Puddy, a character from Seinfeld. Sigh.

If what Teigen needs right now is to leave Instagram comments shutting her friends down for being happy at a time when the world has gone dark, that's exactly what she should do — and she should ignore any trolls who bother her, too.

If you've ever lost a pet, you know all too well how hard it can be to let go of an animal who has probably become your best friend. But by all appearances, it seems like Teigen and Legend gave him the best life, and they should be very proud of that.