Chrissy Teigen's Video Of Luna & Miles Playing Brings New Meaning To The Word "Adorable"

by Stephanie Downs
Jerod Harris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you follow Chrissy Teigen on social media, you'd know that in between hilarious life updates and fun takes on reality TV, the star loves to post photos and clips of her adorable children. On Feb. 7, Chrissy Teigen posted a video of Luna and Miles playing together, an occasion that the mom-of-two was, understandably, overjoyed to see.

In the video, Teigen's daughter, Luna, shows that she's already perfected her big sister role. The toddler, alongside her baby brother, Miles, can be seen playing around with one of their toys together. Luna says in the clip, "Give me your hand, Miles," and proceeds to give her little brother a helping hand by showing him exactly how to make some fun sounds with their toy.

Teigen couldn't have been more happy to see her kids, whom she shares with husband John Legend, getting along and having some fun together. She can be heard saying, "Aw, Luna, what a good big sister," as her oldest shares her sound-making moves with her bro. The Lip Sync Battle host also tells her daughter, "You taught him!" Luna, in turn, was clearly so proud to help her sibling out, as she showed off her adorable smile in the clip.

In her caption for the post, Teigen wrote that her two kids were "finally playing together!! 😩😍" And, thankfully, she recorded the too-adorable-for-words interaction so that all of her many fans and followers could get a glimpse of all of the cuteness for themselves.

Of course, this isn't the first time that the siblings' sweet bond was on full display on their mom's Instagram. Teigen first posted a photo of her two littles ones in May, shortly after she welcomed baby Miles. In the candid pic, Luna, once again, has her big sister hat on as she gives her little brother his pacifier. Basically, she's totally her mom's little helper.

In November 2018, Teigen posted another video on Instagram that featured Luna feeding Miles with a bottle. She even tries to teach her brother how to hold the bottle himself, saying, "Hold the bottle with two hands, Miles." Seriously, it's a legendary amount of adorable.

Not only is Luna in the business of helping out her baby brother, she's been known to help out her mom, too. In August 2018, Teigen revealed that she partnered with Pampers Pure for their #PureGoals initiative. She related in a video about the partnership, "There are a ton of little things that Luna does where I'm like, ‘I need to share this." She continued to describe one of those interactions that made her tear up with joy, saying:

"Yesterday, I had one of the roughest days as a mother of two, and I was putting on my sandals trying to buckle them. I go, ‘Luna, will you help me?’ and she goes, ‘Yes, Mama! I’ll help you always, every day forever.’ And I started sobbing."

It's clear that Teigen can count on her little one to give her a helping hand every now and then. And based on the TV host's new, adorable video featuring her children, Luna can clearly also lend a hand to her baby bro, too.