Chrissy Teigen's Pics From Luna's First Day Of School Have An Unexpected Backstory

Lars Niki/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Luna Simone Stephens is officially a student once again and you need to see Chrissy Teigen's photos from Luna's first day of school. The Cravings: Hungry For More cookbook author shared two pictures on Instagram of her eldest child standing next to a board detailing Luna's grade, her age, her likes, her dreams, her wonderful qualities, and her signature. The second image featured Miles adorably photobombing his sister.

As you can see below, the board shows that Luna is in her second year of preschool and that she started on Monday, Sept. 9. Some of her likes include dancing with her dad, John Legend, taking adventures with Teigen, and going to the park with Miles. She also wants to be a "painter" and "do nails" when she's older. Also, how adorable is her signature? The other picture shows Luna and Miles just being their cute selves. Teigen hilariously captioned the photo of her kids, "alt photo."

The photos sure are sweet, but they're so much more than lovely pictures, especially if you know the backstory. On Sept. 8, Teigen made Luna's first day of school board, but the moment didn't go exactly as she had anticipated.

On Sept. 8, Donald Trump called out Legend and Teigen on Twitter. Trump's tweets were in response to Legend discussing the First Step Act, his Free America Campaign, and criminal justice reform on MSNBC's town hall with Lester Holt. Trump claimed that individuals like Legend are the ones being recognized for the First Step Act, but he's the one who got the act passed. According to Trump's tweet, "I SIGNED IT INTO LAW, no one else did, & Republicans deserve much credit. But now that it is passed, people that had virtually nothing to do with it are taking the praise."

Trump also tagged The Voice coach in his series of tweets, but only referred to Teigen as Legend's "filthy mouthed wife." Trump wrote, "Guys like boring musician @johnlegend, and his filthy mouthed wife, are talking now about how great it is — but I didn’t see them around when we needed help getting it passed."

Teigen took note of Trump's tweets and posted not long after, "lol what a p*ssy ass b*tch. tagged everyone but me. an honor, mister president." She later tweeted, "the absolute best part of his tweet is I literally didn't speak in the special, nor was I mentioned. I'm cackling at the pointless addition of me because he cannot not be a b*tch."

As for Legend, he tweeted, "Imagine being president of a whole country and spending your Sunday night hate-watching MSNBC hoping somebody--ANYBODY--will praise you. Melania, please praise this man. He needs you. Your country needs you, Melania."

This is where Luna's first day of school board came into play. Next to a photo of Teigen creating the special prop for her daughter's photos, she tweeted, "Luna, remember the night before your first day of school? When mommy was making your sign and the p*ssy ass b*tch president had his 9th meltdown of the day."

One might think that this sweet moment of Teigen making Luna's first day of school board was somewhat tainted by Trump's tweets, but that was far from the case. Teigen didn't let Trump's words get her down, especially when she was busy creating something special for her 3-year-old daughter. Based on Teigen's Instagrams, she made sure Luna had a great first day of school and had a fun prop made to accompany her.