Chrissy Teigen's Photos Of Luna's New Playhouse Will Make Fans Wish They Could Move In

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend's daughter, Luna, is only in preschool, but she's already a homeowner. At least, she's the sole resident of a super-nice new playhouse that her famous parents built for her. Teigen's photos and video of Luna's new playhouse will have fans wishing they could move in, too.

The playhouse appears to be set up in the family's backyard, and Luna has already totally embraced it. On Thursday, Teigen shared an adorable video of Luna bringing their dog Paul into the house, as well as a photo of dogs Paul and Penny lounging on the grass next to it. The pups seem to be making themselves right at home in the new space, just like Luna is.

The photos Teigen posted on her Instagram Story also hint that Luna's following in her mom's footsteps with a love of cooking. The cookbook author often has Luna help in the kitchen when she's making family dinners. But in the new playhouse, Luna is the star chef. It looks like the first menu at the playhouse included perfectly scooped, plastic ice cream sundaes, complete with chocolate and strawberry syrups and whipped cream. The playhouse even has a set of pans hanging above the counter, making it an ideal (fake) kitchen space for any aspiring chef.

Chrissy Teigen/Instagram Story
Chrissy Teigen/Instagram Story

One thing that didn't bring smiles to the family's faces, though, was the playhouse's assembly. Teigen tweeted a video of the box, which claims it's created for "less build time, more play time." But based on the fact that she tweeted that it took "2 hours 35 minutes and counting" to assemble the structure, it sounds like that tagline wasn't entirely true in this case.

One fan responded to Teigen's tweet with a similar play structure they'd built with their father-in-law, saying it took five hours to build. Someone else added that a similar play set took them four hours to assemble, and a third person added that the same set took somewhere between three and four hours. (At least it didn't take up the entire day?)

Another person jokingly pointed out how the playhouses of yore were much less sophisticated — and therefore, a lot easier to put together.

Teigen also posted an Instagram Story video of herself, Legend, and someone who appears to be a family friend teaming up to build the house. It looks pretty complicated, but it's all worth it when the EGOT winner completes the last step of the assembly: adding a decorative weathervane to the roof.

Chrissy Teigen/Instagram Story

Sure, they could have paid someone to do the assembly for them, but there's something sweet about the fact that Teigen and Legend decided to spend their day building the whole toy set themselves. It shows how dedicated the couple is to their children's happiness. And based on the photos of Luna enjoying the new playhouse, it looks like it will bring joy to her (and possibly Miles in the future) for plenty of time to come.