Chrissy Teigen's Plans For Luna's Birthday Couldn't Be More Perfect

Ari Perilstein/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Who's ready for more cute photos and videos from Luna Simone Stephens? Well, get excited, because Chrissy Teigen is planning Luna a third birthday party that couldn't be more perfect for her daughter with John Legend. Luna officially turns 3 on April 14, but the party won't take place on the actual day, which is totally fine based on the brief, yet magical, details Teigen recently dished to Us Weekly.

While chatting with the publication, the Cravings: Hungry For More author said,

"She’s so into princesses right now. She’s very into Disney movies. I think we might do that, but she’s not gonna know until we’re there. I think we’re just gonna keep it small, keep it family, and make her Disney dreams come true. But it won’t even be on the day."

How wonderful does that sound? First of all, they're surprising Luna with a Disney princess theme that she's going to absolutely love. Secondly, it's nice that Teigen and Legend are choosing to only invite family. Sometimes it's better to have a small party rather than a larger over-the-top one. This way, not only will the focus be completely on Luna even more so, but guests can actually socialize with everyone in attendance. Plus, it makes it easier for the Lip Sync Battle star and Legend.

Teigen also admitted to Us Weekly that for Luna's official birthday on April 14 they are just celebrating at home and keeping it small. "We’re gonna do a small thing at the house," she said, before adding,

"I think we’ve been to enough kid’s birthday parties here in L.A. to know that, 'OK, we can’t do this.' Because even the kid is freaking out. They don’t seem to ever have a good time. All the other kids have a great time, but the kid is usually totally overwhelmed, and a lot of the times it’s for the parents, honestly."

Their decision makes complete sense and it already sounds like Luna's third birthday celebrations are going to be exactly what she's probably dreamed of.

As those who follow Teigen know, Luna is typically seen wearing some type of princess dress on a daily basis. She basically lives in them, and it's the cutest thing ever. The cookbook author has also filmed Luna from time to time watching Disney classics, like Aladdin. Actually, the one time they watched Aladdin, Teigen upped her ultimate mom skills by wearing a Jasmine costume — for real. That's how much Teigen loves her daughter.

There's no denying Luna has a serious Disney obsession, and who can blame her? The best part is The Voice judge and Teigen want Luna to embrace her likes and passions, so why not let her wear a princess dress around the house? She's happy as a princess and is living her best life, as she should be every single day.

It's unclear if Legend and Teigen will be donning prince and princess costumes for Luna's birthday, but it's definitely a possibility. As for Luna becoming even more of a princess on her birthday, the chances seem very high.