Chrissy Teigen's Flawless Response To John Legend Playing Jesus Will Make You LOL

by Emily Mae Czachor
Charley Gallay/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images; Chrissy Teigen, John Legend/Twitter

Twitter's reigning slapstick queen is at it again. In a crackerjack gibe that has social media users virtually laughing out loud, Chrissy Teigen's response to John Legend's Jesus Christ Superstar casting is certainly one for the books. Vague mockery in the form of well-timed Twitter posts has become par for the course, as far as the couple's very public relationship is concerned. And that's mostly because when it comes to clever social media quips, Teigen has proven herself something of an artiste — especially when those quips are directed at (and often at the expense of) her hubby, Legend. So, naturally, when Legend confirmed that he's playing the title character in NBC's upcoming live rendition of Jesus Christ Superstar (that's Jesus Christ, so we're all on the same page here), Teigen took to Twitter with some of her best material. Hey, when life gives you lemons.

The internet temporarily lost its collective mind on Tuesday, Dec. 19, when Legend — the 38-year-old singer-songwriter extraordinaire, whose musical track record (10 Grammys, ahem) suggests he doesn't have much trouble living up to his surname — responded to the news of his upcoming theatrical endeavor via Twitter. The original casting announcement rolled out first thing in the morning on The Today Show, followed by an auxiliary nod from the Superstar composer himself, Andrew Lloyd Webber. Legend seemed jazzed, to say the least.

Teigen's response trailed shortly after, in a characteristically hilarious move that would probably only fly within the parameters of a notably secure (or, perhaps, simply good-humored) relationship. "How are they gonna fit u in the manger," she cracked. Despite its curtness, the comment oozed Teigen's usual air of distinctively dry, firecracker wit. Her razor-sharp comedic timing, coupled with her generally blunt overall demeanor, is just one of the 32-year-old model's claims to fame.

Almost immediately, the retort ignited a quip-laden fury on Twitter, wherein the high-profile couple's markedly clever — and/or markedly earnest — fans (of which there are many) weighed in on Teigen's wisecrack. As it turns out, they too are practiced at the art of the good, wholesome punch line.

It didn't take Legend too long to whip up a comeback of his own. "One of the many baby John Legends will be in the manger," he wrote in response to his wife's tweet.

For those who've been sleeping on the couple's familial happenings —Legend's retort nods to the social media frenzy of this past July, which saw hordes of overzealous Teigen-Legend enthusiasts flooding Teigen's Twitter feed with photos of babies who inexplicably bore resemblance to her husband. She quashed that burgeoning firestorm real quick, with a tweet begging fans to cut it out. And, of course, she snuck a quick dig at Legend in there too. You know, to keep him humble.

Teigen and Legend — who are getting ready to careen into their second decade as a couple, though they've only been married since 2013 — have long been appreciated (slash admired, slash ogled at) for their lively social media banter. Their periodically uproarious back-and-forth's have only seemed to elevate their status as the celebrity duo whose dynamic everyone loves to laugh at, despite its conceivably odd public tenor. After all, it's not every day that we see an acclaimed musical icon referred to as "whiny face" in a viral social media post penned by his comparably iconic wife. And, when we do, it's even less often universally accepted as a charming (smart, even!), fun-poking gesture of love.

But, when you're married to Twitter's unofficial Queen of One-Liners (or maybe it's official queen, depending who you ask), this sort of thing probably just comes with the territory. And, if the couple's light-hearted drollery up until this point is any indication of their respective dispositions, Teigen and Legend don't seem to be taking things too seriously, anyway.