Even Chrissy Teigen Is Disappointed She Didn’t Get Invited To Emily Ratajkowski’s Wedding

Greg Doherty/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images; Michael Kovac/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images; Chrissy Teigen/Twitter

In case you missed it, Emily Ratajkowski's top-secret wedding was a major topic of conversation on Friday, Feb. 23, and if you're feeling some kind of way about not having any knowledge of the model's nuptials beforehand, you're definitely not alone. Even Chrissy Teigen is disappointed she wasn't invited to Ratajkowski's wedding.

The soon-to-be mom of two took to Twitter on Friday with a tweet that all 9 million of her followers can probably relate to. Teigen hilariously summed up what a lot of fans were thinking when she explained how slightly mad she was at the fact that even though she's spent a reasonable amount of time liking and commenting on Ratajkowski's Instagram posts, she still didn't get an invite. She tweeted,

"I’m oddly mad I wasn’t invited to @emrata’s wedding even though we barely speak...like, I like all your photos and leave flames on some."

Honestly, same. Because, really, nothing has the power to make you feel closer to a person than stanning underneath all of their Instagram pics. Teigen, adding another layer of hilarity to the situation, then followed up her original tweet with a second congratulatory one that featured a bunch of flame emojis.

Teigen likely isn't the only person who's a little upset that she didn't know about the wedding beforehand. To be fair, the news of Ratajkowski's wedding did come as a surprise to, well, all of us. And even though it's not clear how long she and her now husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard, have been romantically involved, the wedding did seem as if it was a bit spur-of-the-moment.

According to People, they got married in a very simple ceremony at City Hall in New York City, so it's possible that the couple wanted to tie the knot without the added stress that comes with finding a wedding planner, narrowing down an invite list, or coming up with a menu. Really, even choosing a cake flavor can probably be a bit much for some couples, so whatever their reasoning may have been for not turning their wedding into an extravagant affair, you really can't blame them. And who knows? Maybe the couple will make some plans for bigger event to take place at a later date.

Still, Ratajkowski responded to Teigen's tweet in the best way. "You would've looked great in a suit at city hall," she wrote next to a series of, you guessed it, flame emojis.

Emily and Bear-McClard got married in a very intimate ceremony in which only a few of the couple's closest friends were in attendance, including social media star The Fat Jewish. The model and actor announced the news to her 16.6 million Instagram followers on Friday. She posted a photo via her Instagram Story of herself and her new husband holding hands alongside the caption, "I got married today."

Bear-McClard is a Hollywood producer and actor, and his IMDb page shows that he recently worked on 2017's Good Time, starring Robert Pattinson. He's also worked on 2014's Heaven Knows What and 2005's Broken Flowers. Since Ratajkowski has been getting her feet wet in the acting game lately, it's said that the couple's involvement in Hollywood is what bought them together. Again, it's not exactly clear how long the two have officially been a couple, but according to Page Six, they were first spotted together last week on Valentine's Day.

The producer and actor isn't very active on social media, which a clear sign that he also makes an effort to keep his private life to himself. Surely Teigen (and many other celebs) being left out of his and Ratajkowski's nuptials know it was nothing personal. And at least they got to see the sweet photos afterward.