This Video Of Luna's Reaction To John Legend's Singing Is Honestly Adorable

Jerod Harris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When it comes to serving up refreshingly wholesome wits on social media, it's not a well-kept secret that Chrissy Teigen pretty much always delivers. Fans of the internet's famed clapback queen have known this to be true for quite some time now, but Teigen — bless her quippy heart— just keeps on reminding them. Those interested in the model's latest hijinks should check out Teigen's video of Luna lamenting John Legend's singing. As far as capacity for warming hearts and inciting a few giggles is concerned, this one is basically a knockout.

Don't believe me? Dissenters might want to head on over to Teigen's Instagram account, where the notoriously sharp-witted mom of two shared a little peek into what a day in the life of the Teigen-Legend family actually looks like with her followers Tuesday night, July 10.

After watching the video clip, which Teigen posted to her Instagram Story, it sounds like an evening with the Teigen-Legends involves a little bit of singing (obviously), a little bit of yelling, and of course, a whole lot of family time. That shouldn't come as much of a surprise for fans of the Teigen-Legend crew, since the exceedingly adorable foursome is constantly cropping up on social media with snapshots that at least put them in the running for "cutest family unit around."

Chrissy Teigen/Instagram Story

And as it turns out, this week proves no different. Teigen's sweet Instagram video opens on Luna, her and Legend's 2-year-old daughter, standing in the doorway of what looks like some sort of backstage green room. Luna, for her part, looks like a million bucks. The toddler dons a pink dress and a truly adorable set of pigtails, with sparkly transparent sandals to boot. That being said, from the video's first frame, the little one's totally perturbed facial expression lets viewers know she's got something to say, right from the get-go.

It hardly takes a second for viewers to realize what's actually going on. Teigen's smartphone camera pans upward to reveal Legend standing in over little Luna, in the foreground of the frame. Legend — whose stage name appropriately doubles as perhaps the best way to describe his enduring mark on the music industry — is nonchalantly engaging in some vocal warm-up exercises. Suffice to say, you don't need to see the video to know that Legend's voice sounds as lilting and effortless as it always does. However, you do need to see the video to witness the incomparable retort from Luna.

In Teigen's video, Legend's hardly gotten through a set of vocal scales when the tiny tot marches over to him, clasping a red Solo cup as big as her face, and starts tugging on the hem of her dad's suit jacket. "No! No! No!" Luna shouts, while Legend continues to move through the warm-up.

Teigen didn't caption this particular video on Instagram (and after watching Luna hold her own in the clip, it's pretty clear that she didn't need to), though the star did say a little something about the little father-daughter exchange on Twitter, where she reposted the IG video later Tuesday night. Accompanying the video, which has been getting some serious laughs on Twitter, Teigen tweeted a caption that manages to say it all. "#TWO," she wrote, conceivably referencing her daughter's age and the timeless parenting idiom that tends to come with it.

Of course, since ogling fans have a grand total of zero parenting responsibilities to little Luna, the whole "terrible twos" thing is rendered pretty much obsolete for the rest of us. Which is mostly to say, if you too have borne witness to Teigen's latest Luna-centric video, then you're probably feeling nothing but totally and completely charmed. Luna's incredible spunk in the clip will warm your heart, for sure; but it's no surprise. With a mom like Teigen to look up to, she's a natural.