Christina Milian's Clever Pregnancy Announcement Teases A Different Kind Of "New Release"

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Nine years after welcoming her first child, actor and musician Christina Milian announced her second pregnancy. The singer is expecting her first child with her boyfriend of two years, Matt Pokora, and she shares her first child, Violet Madison Nash, with her ex-husband rapper-producer The Dream. On Sunday, she and Pokora shared the big news on Instagram, and she seems excited to be expanding her family.

"New release 2020!" she captioned a photo of the two of them holding up their baby's sonogram photo. "What a blessing! Let's do this babe." Pokora, who is also a musician, shared a black and white version of the same photo. "La relève est en route!" he wrote. "Legacy on the way!" (Pokora relocated from France to Los Angeles to be with Milian).

Back in 2018, Milian gushed about her relationship with Pokora on The Real. "We got along so long so well from the very beginning," she said. "We have the best time together. I could spend every day with him, every moment and everything. It's been cool. We just have a good time."

A recent interview with Hollywood Life may have foreshadowed this pregnancy announcement in May. She told the publication that she definitely wanted at least one more child. "I do have the desire to have more children in the future," she said. "Probably just one more because I know the energy it takes to raise a child. I know that I just want to be able to experience each child, which is a gift."

She continued, "I definitely want to have another child in the future. I don't know when it would be, but I kind of feel like because I know I want two, I know that whenever it happens, I’ll be ready! I’ll let God handle that!" Now, her daughter Violet is officially going to be a big sister.

According to E! News, Milian was photographed out, wearing a shirt that read, "I'm a mom, I totally got this," just days before making her pregnancy announcement. And sure, she's already a mother, but she also could've been wearing the shirt out of excitement for her bun in the oven.

The actor seems happy about tackling parenthood with Pokora, whom she's developed a super solid relationship with. "I’m really happy with the type of person I’m with. He’s honest, and we have a really great relationship,” she told The Hollywood Life. "This is different than anything I’ve ever experienced and I’m really happy that the universe brought us together."

Just because she's expecting another child doesn't mean she plans to slow down, though. She has her hands in many pots right now, including her upcoming Netflix film Falling Inn Love, her jewelry line House of Fine Gold, her chat bot technology Persona, her pastry-making business Beignet Box, and more. She's going to be one busy mamma, but if there's one thing fans have learned about her, it's that she only has one thing to say to life's chaos: "Bring it on."