10 Faff-Free Christmas Gifts That Are Small Enough To Fit Into A Suitcase

Bonnin Studio / Stocksy

You know the drill: You're packing to head home for Christmas and find yourself with rather a lot to squish into your suitcase. Whether you have a big family or a bunch of "back home" mates, it always seems impossible to fit everything into your bag without breaking it (or your back). With this in mind, I've selected an edit of the most practical, lightweight but still-insanely-cool 2018 present ideas you can fit into a suitcase.

But before we check out what's made it onto the list, let's first rule out what we won't be taking home with us this festive season. If any of the following were on your present planning list, it's time to reach for the red pen and scratch them right out:

  • Candles: You want to lug around a heavy old three-wicker and arrive to pieces of broken glass in your luggage? No, I didn't think so. Yes Diptyque candles are irresistible, but resist you must.
  • Anything over 100ml/liquids: While many of us will probably just be driving or taking the train home for Christmas, others will have to go a little further and maybe even need to hop on a plane. If this is you, remember that you can't take anything over 100ml in terms of liquids if you're only taking hand luggage. In fact, if I were you, I'd avoid liquids altogether if you can help it. Nobody wants a Ross from Friends-style shampoo explosion at the other end.
  • Anything delicate: Yes, that lovely vase you've been eyeing up for your Mum is great, but have you given thought to how you're going to get it home if you're travelling a long distance? Yeah, exactly.
  • Heavy goods: I pack enough stuff to bring home for the Christmas holidays for myself, yet alone for gifts. While that mammoth coffee table book you've been umming and aahing over is beautiful, it's best left on Amazon this year.

And here's what you should be bringing: