CL Wore The Most Dramatic Outfit Ever For Her Closing Ceremony Performance & Twitter Is Here For It

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Well, it went by fast. The Pyeong-Chang 2018 Olympic Games' closing ceremony is right around the corner, and with it comes a fair amount of pomp and circumstance, of course. Along with many athletes making an appearance for the ceremony, performances will also take place during the Feb. 25 event in Pyeong-Chang, South Korea. One person performing is CL, a popular K-pop (the term for South Korea's pop music) artist. According to Elite Daily, CL used to be the frontman for a rap group in South Korea, called 2NEI.

Even though CL is well-known for K-pop, the singer grew up in both France and Japan, and is now living in Los Angeles. Long story short, CL is quite the international globetrotter, and it's only a matter of time before everyone knows about her. On CL's Instagram, the singer posts just about everything — including Olympics updates, of course. But she also posts a fair amount of outfit and accessories shots, making it clear that she's pretty interested in fashion.

Take a recent shot featuring what looks like acid washed jeans and furry sandals. The ankle-wrapping fur shoes are definitely a daring and fashion-forward choice, so it makes sense why her followers and fans would be interested in her closing ceremony look as well.

For the 2018 closing ceremony, CL performed songs and wore a few different looks, but all were extremely dramatic, over the top, and black. For her first look, CL came out in (what looked like) latext tights, an oversized black trench coat, and a belt-corset hybrid cinching it all together.

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Later, CL removed the trench coat to reveal a more form-fitting black outfit. Even though it was a new outfit, though, the same principles of the first look remained — all black and cinched with a corset-looking belt.

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People on Twitter seemed to like the performance, too. "OK, I have to admit, CL was pretty good," Twitter user CrabbyCrabsBB wrote.

Another user voiced their pride and excitement for CL's performance, saying "CL SLAYED!!! QUEEN!!!!" Clearly, people are super excited about the overall performance, and that includes the outfit.

CL also, notably, wore a black leather glove and a sparkly, chain-like glove to hold her mic. The accessories game was, indeed, strong at the 2018 Closing Ceremony performance.

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The above image is what the beginning of CL's performance looked like. As you can tell, the all-black, extremely dramatic outfit only made sense given the impressive venue, lights, and music. The entire thing was a visual spectacle and CL's outfit managed to fit into all of that seamlessly, while still being equally dramatic.

Even though CL's performance took place at 7 a.m. ET, much of the world was awake and watching the epic event. And for those that weren't, they couldn't want to get on Twitter and say how excited they were for it.

One user wrote, "...I can't wait to watch CL's performance KDFKKD I hope someone will upload it already."

While CL didn't post any outfit photos or getting ready images on Instagram at the time of publishing, she has been posting quite a few Olympics images. Clearly, this was a big deal to the pop star and she definitely made the most of her time in the spotlight to say the least.

Even if all-black, giant trench coats and really elaborate belt-corset hybrids aren't your thing, you have to admit that the performance and outfit was artistic, unique, entertaining, and definitely the product of a lot of hard work, though, and creativity.