The One Major Clue That Hannah G. Is The 'Bachelor' Contestant That Wins Colton's Heart

Rick Rowell/ABC

When it comes to any given season of The Bachelor, there are some contestants that immediately stand out among the rest. For Colton's season, one of those people is Hannah G., who developed an instant connection with him starting on the very first night. And while that's definitely no guarantee of anything, the clues that Hannah G. wins The Bachelor this year are starting to stack up. So if you're rooting for one of the other women right now, it might be time to start getting a little worried.

At this point in time, Hannah G. has yet to receive a one-on-one date with Colton, but the time that they've shared together thus far have proven to be very memorable. So as long as she continues to make the most out of those moments, she definitely has a strong shot of coming out of this show an engaged woman. Of course, there's nothing on any of her social media accounts to suggest that this will be the case, but considering that doing so would completely spoil the rest of the season, the lack of information provided means very little right now.

No news could be good news, and if these clues are any indication, Hannah G. has what it takes to completely win over Colton's heart.

She Received The First Impression Rose

Granted, that doesn't automatically make her a winner — in fact, contestants who receive the first impression rose on The Bachelor tend to have a terrible track record in that department. However, Colton seems to have a very good idea of what he's looking for, having been in the Bachelor franchise for both The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise. Colton tends to go with his gut and if his caught automatically had him gravitate toward Hannah G. then that bodes well for her future with him.

She Is Completely Drama-Free

It's one thing to come off as sweet when you're in front of Colton, but the fact that she's never been part of any of the drama within the mansion proves that her kind demeanor isn't just for show. She's genuinely a nice person who is there to focus on getting to know Colton, end of story. He's been getting so frustrated with some of the drama in the house that this clue, above all else, might be the sign that she's the real keeper.

They've Been Vulnerable With Each Other

During the premiere, Hannah G. admitted to Colton how nervous this whole night was making her and he completely understood where she was coming from. They even did some breathing exercises together to try and calm themselves. It's that kind of realness and honesty that can set the foundation for a lasting relationship.

Colton Already Feels Secure About Their Connection

Along with not yet getting a one-on-one, Hannah G. didn't even participate in any of the group dates during Week 3. Colton later revealed to her that this was because he already felt so secure in where they were headed that he didn't think it was necessary. He already knew he wanted to keep her around no matter what, which signifies just how much she means to him this early on.

Needless to say, Hannah G. is one to watch out for and if the other contestants aren't careful she'll be walking away by the end of this season with both the first and final roses.