Demi's Call For Chris Harrison On 'BiP' Has Fans Worried She Might Go Home Early

John Fleenor/ABC

After two hours of shocks, surprises and self-eliminations, Monday night's Bachelor in Paradise ended on a cliffhanger, with Demi asking to speak with Chris Harrison. So, will Demi leave Bachelor in Paradise — and her budding relationship with Derek?

After she revealed to Derek last week that she was in a relationship with a woman before coming to Paradise — and that she still had feelings for her ex — the pair seemed to be going strong after she chose him at the rose ceremony. However, Demi soon began to have second thoughts, worrying that she has been leading Derek on by not being honest about just how strongly she still feels for her ex.

Following a surprise conversation with her best friend, Hannah Brown, Demi sat Derek down once again to talk about her conflicting feelings for both him and her ex. Though he handled the conversation well — despite admitting that it was hard to hear that Demi hadn't been totally honest about how strongly she still felt for this other woman — she left their talk looking serious and asked to speak with Chris Harrison. So, is she thinking of leaving Paradise, in order to follow her heart?

Based on the press release for Tuesday night's episode, it seems as if things will get even more complicated for Demi after her conversation with Chris, when she explains her divided affections to him. "Demi is surprised when she reconnects with the woman she has kept in her heart while in Paradise," the release teases, "and nothing will ever be the same."

In the original trailer for the season, Demi is spotted cuddling a mysterious blonde woman, and declaring, "I know that I love this girl, and I'm so happy that I found her," which makes it seem like Demi's ex is headed to Mexico. The mystery blonde appears to be Demi's girlfriend Kristian Haggerty, as she mentioned in her conversation with Hannah that she still had feelings for her. "I just want to be happy," Demi told her friend, as she explained that she couldn't get her ex out of her head, despite her feelings for Derek.

That chat with Hannah is far from the first time that Demi has gushed about Kristian to her fellow members of Bachelor Nation; in the season premiere, she told the former Bachelorette that Kristian,"has like the warmest energy. She never gets mad. She's amazing. ... We really fell like head over heels for each other." Shortly after she and Derek coupled up on the beach, Demi also told her friend Katie that she was still head over heels for Kristian.

"I've been dating a woman back home," Demi confessed. "I do miss her and I think about her all the time and I am like, so in with her, but like I'm trying to come here and figure out stuff about myself and see if maybe I was just you know, so in it with her because I wasn't talking to anybody else and investing all my time with her." Based on the previews for the next episode, it seems like Demi may have finally realized what — and who — she really wants, thanks to her time in Paradise.