These Clues Hint That Ashley & Kevin Are Still Dating After 'Bachelor Winter Games'

ABC/Lorenzo Bevilaqua

The Bachelor Winter Games are, to use an unavoidable pun, heating up. Many of the couples that have emerged after just two episodes seem to be sticking. Are Ashley and Kevin dating after Winter Games? This relationship seems to be one to root for, and their feelings are intensifying with every passing episode.

Kevin and Bibiana had an instant connection, but he "closed that chapter" (or "book," in Ashley's words) and started up a new relationship with Ashley. Meanwhile, Bibiana moved on with Kiwi wildcard Jordan. Ashley full on said on the show that she saw herself marrying Kevin, and at the end of the second episode during the rose ceremony, Kevin gave his rose to Ashley. Smitten city.

Is this it? Did they get a happily ever after? It's possible. They have both been through a lot during and after their respective experiences in the Bachelor franchise, and seem to be giving it an honest shot.

On the other hand, a lot can happen in the remaining episodes. All of a sudden, Tiffany expressed feelings for Kevin as well. Well, at least, Tiffany expressed a feeling that she did not want to go home at the end of the episode. (Kevin didn't seem to bothered.) Also, Bibi's new guy isn't the biggest prince charming ever. He seems like a villain on the rise, and this new relationship could come crashing down. Maybe the book between her and Kevin isn't closed after all.

As for clues about the present, here's another thing. Ashley is a Bachelor Nation pro, and she took all of those skills to the world of Winter Games. That expands to social media. She's too good at this to give anything away in a Snapchat or a tweet. Her social media is mostly dedicated to her love of The Greatest Showman these days. So, here's what we have to work with, but honestly there are no guarantees. You're just going to have to keep watching for actual proof.

This Retweet

Kevin shared this tweet just before he was announced as part of the show's cast (but post-filming). Is this a sign that he found love, or foreshadowing his confusing journey?

This Like

Clue, support, or red herring?? Ashley definitely liked this tweet. Kevin did not, but he has liked a lot of Ashley's tweets. For example...

Has To Be A Clue, Right?

Presuming this is real, how did Ashley get the picture? Are they texting friends because they're also dating?

This Metaphor

Ashley calls her alleged rival on the show the "J. Lo to my Kim K," so clearly they are pals with no jealousy. So no matter what happens, it worked out for everyone.

This... Joke?

While Ashley's caption for this silly picture asked "have you ever seen a happier love triangle," Kevin simply said "no comment" and hashtagged it for Valentine's Day. Interesting.

Seriously What Went Down?


OK, but, like, is it a love triangle? There are other contestants that Kevin has flirted with on the show and other guys for Bibiana. This story feels like a major misdirect. In any case, Ashley and Kevin did spend V-day together — even if Bibs was there too. So, at the very least, they are friends.

This Casual Namedrop

In an interview with PopSugar, Ashley's name is the only woman's name that Kevin mentions. He even alludes to her being a draw for him joining the show. "I thought Peter was going to be there," he said. "I knew Ben was coming. And I realized it wasn't just a bunch of random people from different seasons, like there were some pretty hard hitters! Ben, Dean, Ashley ... this is a pretty good cast."

The interview also mentions in that post that Kevin said in conversation that he was headed to Los Angeles, where Ashley lives. That could just be part of press obligations, of course, but it could mean more.

Maybe the fact that neither Ashey nor Kevin have slipped up or revealed anything about their status means they aren't together, but don't give up hope. There's enough out there to suggest that they made it, and anything is possible on Bachelor Winter Games, even Ashley I. finally finding love.