A CNN Host Raged At Kellyanne Conway For "Trying To Poison People’s Minds" & It’s Heated

Kellyanne Conway is the master spin artist, changing the topic any way she can to avoid answering tough questions — even if it means using flashcards to try and control the conversation. But on Monday an on-air CNN host couldn't take it anymore. Her ducking of questions led Chris Cuomo to yell at Kellyanne Conway and accuse her of "poisoning people's minds."

Cuomo originally asked Conway if President Trump would remove Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein or Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Instead of answering, Conway started to dodge the question. "The president has done everything that he and his team have been asked to comply with this investigation," she said. "And you know it. The personnel decisions around here..."

Cuomo interjects, and cuts her off. "Why aren't you answering this question?" he asks. Conway goes on unfazed, ducking in another direction. "Oh by the way, in case there's any doubt too, [Trump] has confidence in me," she says. "So don't ask me why I'm still here, ask the people who got fired why they're not here."

This is then when Cuomo starts to show he's heated. "I haven't asked you anything about that!" Cuomo told her. "It's like you're having a different conversation."

But that's not the end. "All I want to hear is an answer to whether or not the president is considering moving..." And then Conway cuts him off to claim that she already addressed his question and that Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders had, too. "The president alone makes the personnel decisions. There are no plans to do that at the moment," Conway said.

Then the interview changed gears, with Conway dissing CNN and saying that the network "promised" evidence of collusion between the campaign and Russia would come out.

"We never promised anything like that, Kellyanne," Cuomo answered back, clearly agitated. "Why do you try to poison people's minds like that, Kellyanne? That's not helpful. We need common ground, not division. Don't poison people."

Conway said that the network designated a large amount of time to the coverage of the Russia investigation and asked Cuomo how much screen time he thought it got.

"I don't know but I hope it's a lot," Cuomo responded.

Of course this is not the first time that Conway has acted this way in an interview. Articles have been written since before the election noting her ability to avoid a question. In April 2017, The Atlantic published an article entitled, "Kellyanne’s Alternative Universe." The subhead read, "Will the truth ever catch up with Trump’s most skilled spin artist?"

This was not even her only controversial appearance on Monday's news programs. Conway engaged in some deceptive dodges speaking with ABC's George Stephanopoulos, the political journalist who interviewed Comey on Sunday.

Conway told Stephanopoulos on Good Morning America that "nobody here had ever asked [Comey] to drop an investigation for political reasons." She continued, "He admitted that before he was fired."

But Stephanopoulos wouldn't have that answer either. "Kellyanne, I have to stop you there," Stephanopoulos interrupted her, "because that is not correct either." He clarified that Comey had testified in the Senate that "not the attorney general or anyone in the Justice Department ever asked him to stop an investigation." Stephanopoulos, continued, "He said no. He was not asked about the president."

The biggest bombshell from that interview was that Conway seemingly admitted that Comey swung the presidential race with his letter just before the election reopening Clinton's email investigation. That's not what her boss, President Trump, thinks. That statement Conway has already backtracked, calling it sarcasm.

It was not her day on TV news, but it may have been even harder for CNN's Cuomo — at least based on his reaction.