'BB19's Jessica Says She & Cody Are The Real Deal


A lot of the time, a showmance is the kiss of death of Big Brother. Sure their relationship got Jessica and Cody targeted and eventually separated, but they may have gained something aside worth more than that $500,00 prize at the end of the show: love. That's right, Cody said 'I love you' to Jessica on Big Brother 19 after Jessica got evicted. And though Jessica didn't audibly say it back, she confirmed her feelings too.

Most of Jess's post-eviction chat with Julie Chen centered on Cody, with just a sprinkle of Paul shade thrown in at the end. "I had to leave my best friend in there. It was hard. We’ve been through a lot together," Jessica said. Julie inquired as to whether Jessica really thought she'd "thrown away her game" on her relationship with Cody, but Jessica debunked that idea. "The thing is, Cody and I thought a lot the same. People didn’t really see that," she said.

And then Julie asked what everyone wants to know: “Is this relationship the real deal?” Jessica responded, "Absolutely."

Sure that happened super quickly and under relatively strange circumstances. But Jessica and Cody definitely had an "us against the world" mentality on Big Brother and seemed to commit to each other very early in the game. Cody dropped the "L" bomb as Jess was walking out the door, and Julie wasn't going to let that live eviction interview end without getting Jessica's response.

“He said ‘I love you.’ Do you love him?” Julie asked. “Of course I do," Jessica added. Wow. So it looks like this is more of romance than showmance, at least for now.

Even Julie seemed to be feeling the love “Well I tell you one thing, I definitely think he loves you," she told Jessica. "Just as one girl observing to another girl, this guy cares for you.” That Julie Chen seal of validation is everything. She's the Big Brother queen, and she knows all.

Cody threw around that meaningful word again in the video he recorded for Jess's goodbye message. "Jessica, I am humbled and honored that you teamed up with me in this game," Cody said. "You essentially gave up $500,000 for me. I love you, I really miss you, I appreciate you, and I will repay you.”

Maybe he'll repay her with a cut of his $500,000 at the end of this game? That would really be a happily ever after ending for Jessica and Cody.