This Is The Biggest Road Block For 'BB19's Jess & Cody

Bill Inoshita/CBS

Big Brother 19 has been filled with unique personalities and interesting alliances, but no connection has cast more of a shadow over the season than the showmance between Jess and Cody. This couple turned the house upside-down early in the season, and have been fighting to stay in the house ever since. Now, Jody may have finally met its match. After a series of close calls and lucky breaks, the couple is out of options to save their Big Brother game. After Christmas' Ring of Replacement power kept Cody from competing for Jess in the Power of Veto competition (as well as Jessica's failure to win), her eviction is all but sealed. To add insult to injury, she is getting evicted on the worst possible week, and it could affect whether or not Jessica and Cody will stay together after Big Brother 19.

As Paul pointed out while trying to orchestrate Jess's eviction, Big Brother 19's jury phase is starting the week after. That means that anyone evicted will be spending the rest of their summer out of touch with the outside world. This means if Jess gets evicted, then she'll be in the outside world and unable to contact Cody until the end of the show. After spending nearly 24 hours a day together, suddenly going to no communication for over a month could prove to be a jarring change for the showmance.

The separation could be a major wrench in their plans, but these two have gotten close enough that they may be able to stick through it. The usually stoic Cody was brought to tears at the idea of being in the house without Jessica, and Jessica seemed to care more about losing Cody than losing the $500,000 grand prize. Cody and Jess seemed to actually fall deeply in love in their short time together, and spending a month or two apart likely won't be enough to get these two to forget about each other. Besides, Jess can still tune into the live feeds and see what Cody is up to. No matter who is in or out of the Big Brother jury house, this showmance has enough fuel to go the distance.