Where You Can Get Cold Brew Ice Cream

by Eliza Castile

Coffee lovers and ice cream fanatics alike, it's time to start planning a trip to Dominique Ansel Kitchen. The inventor of the Cronut has gifted the world with another culinary mash-up, cold brew ice cream, just in time for summer. If you don't stroll through the city streets with iced coffee in one hand and cold brew soft serve in the other at least once this season, you might need to turn in your caffeine addict card.

According to Grub Street, the New York City cafe's soft serve window opened for the summer on Wednesday, and this year, it will be serving a flavor inspired by the chilliest trend in coffee consumption. Ansel told the blog that the ice cream takes about two days to make (er, brew?). First, the milk base is infused with coffee flavor overnight, then it's strained, blended with a special cold brew base, and left to sit for another 12 hours. The final result is topped with biscotti and milk foam sprinkled with cocoa powder.

Like the coffee it's inspired by, the ice cream flavor will make your wallet quail in fear. A single cone with everything on it will run you $7.25. Then again, can you really put a price on pure bliss?

So how does Ansel's creation differ from the tubs of coffee ice cream you can find in freezer aisles across the world? According to the chef himself, it's a far richer, smoother flavor than your average coffee ice cream. He told Grub Street that like a glass of cold brew, the soft serve has a "good, clean coffee taste."

If you're already salivating in anticipation, you'll have to plan ahead to get your hands on the treat. The soft serve window at Dominique Ansel Kitchen (not to be confused with the Soho-based bakery) is only open on Wednesdays through Sundays, and the cold brew flavor will only be available through June before it's rotated out for a different kind. The good news is that if it's popular enough, Ansel said he might bring it back in the future. Given the near-universal adoration of both cold brew and ice cream as separate concepts, not to mention the definitely-universal adoration of the Cronut, the combination is pretty much guaranteed to fly out the window as fast as workers can sling the cones out the window.

Between unicorn Frappuccinos, 40-ounce bottles of rosé, and now, cold brew soft serve, summer 2017 is clearly off to a good start. What a time to be alive.