Cold Stone Just Launched 3 New Creations STUFFED With Cookie Dough

by Brittany Bennett
Cold Stone Creamery

The only acceptable way for the cookie to crumble is into your ice cream. Lucky for us, Cold Stone Creamery has three new cookie dough ice cream creations just in time for cone season, aka summer. If you're a fan of cookies, cookie dough, brownies, and the smooth texture of cold ice cream melting slowly in your mouth — first of all let's be best friends — secondly, get to your nearest Cold Stone Creamery as soon as possible. The current temperatures and I insist on it.

We're all familiar with cookie dough ice cream. This classic confection includes gobs of chewy chocolate chip cookie dough churned into vanilla ice cream. The thought alone is appetizing enough to make you drool. Cold Stone Creamery sees your love for this flavor and raises you three new twists on the classic, all of which involve other types of cookies.

With Classic Cookie Dough Ice Cream as the canvas, Cold Stone Creamery builds the Dough-lightful Peanut Butter, The Way the Cookie Crumbles, and One Smart Brookie creations. The Dough-lightful Peanut Butter creation features peanut butter and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and sugar crystals mixed into the Classic Cookie Dough Ice Cream. The result? A cookie dough creation that tastes like Peanut Butter Cookie Dough.

Cold Stone Creamery
Cold Stone Creamery
Cold Stone Creamery
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Part sundae, part cookie dough, completely unique, The Way the Cookie Crumbles includes Oreo cookies mixed in with cookie dough. It's topped off with frosting. This creation is a "can't even" situation for Oreo cookie lovers nationwide. ~Topping off~ the new creations is the One Smart Brookie. This features brownie and cookie dough mixed into the Classic Cookie Dough Ice Cream for a full blown, drool-worthy dessert.

Cold Stone Creamery is revered for whipping up ice creams that cannot just be categorized simply as a flavor. That would be too limiting. Cold Stone Creamery makes ~creations~. A slew of your favorite snacks from the candy and cookie aisle packed into your ice cream so that every bite is full of crunchy, chewy, sweet delight. Now we have three new creations to introduce ourselves to this summer. And they all revolve around cookie dough.

Cold Stone Creamery

If that's not enough dough for you, prepare yourself for the ultimate satisfaction. Cold Stone Creamery offers dough lovers the opportunity to be a little extra with an additional topping. Customers can now add a round piece of cookie dough, dipped in chocolate, to complete your creation.

Cookie dough ice cream is typically all about the chocolate chip cookie. Thanks to Cold Stone Creamery, Classic Cookie Dough Ice Cream is a little more inclusive. Because there are other cookies out there. Now we can treat ourselves to the silky, nutty bliss of a peanut butter cookie dough inspired creation. Now we can indulge in the wonders of a crunchy Oreo cookie dough. What a world!

All three new creations will be available at participating Cold Stone Creamery stores through Aug. 20, because unfortunately summer can't last forever. But we don't have to worry about that just yet. So get to your nearest Cold Stone Creamery location and dig in spoon first.