This Is ColourPop's Best-Selling Matte Lippie

If you are a matte liquid lipstick obsessive, you know that the strawberry red, named-after-her-momager Kristen Lip Kit is Kylie Cosmetics' best-selling shade. But what about fellow lip-focused brand ColourPop, which is known for its Ultra Mattes, Ultra Satins, and Ultra Glossys? Drumroll, please, because ColourPop's best-selling matte lipstick is...

... The Beeper Ultra Matte. It's a wearable nude that holds the honor!

What's that sound? It's certainly not gasps of shock and awe, that's for sure. It's actually silence. Since I am not shocked — at all— about this news. In addition to being christened with such a cute and punchy name, Beeper is an on-trend, greige x rose shade that's super unique. It also has the capacity to look good on anyone, as evidenced by the swatches across three skintones on the product page on the ColourPop site.

Beeper usually has a $6 price tag, but it's on sale for just less than $5 right now. Why not grab a tube or four, since it's already popular? Now that ColourPop has shared its status as the best-selling of the Ultra Matte squad in an Insta post, fellow ColourPop fans will likely want to scoop it up to give it a try and to see what all the fuss is about.

Courtesy of ColourPop Cosmetics

Here's Beeper in the tube — it's such a richly pigmented nude.

Courtesy of ColourPop Cosmetics

Beeper certainly leans more towards brown in the overall nude spectrum.

Courtesy of ColourPop Cosmetics

See how it pops against all skintones! It has a more of a violet x brown cast on darker skintones. It's really quite a stunning shade.

While I have you here, have you tried the ColourPop Ultra Blotted lippies? They come in stick and liquid form and diffuse color, for that "lived in" lip look. They are currently sold out.