ColourPop's Tie-Dye Products Are Finally Here

Remember when ColourPop asked their fans to vote on the multi-colored products? Well, they're here and they were definitely worth the wait. For their Beauty Bender sale, ColourPop created three tie-dye products for the eyes and cheeks that will only be available for 24 hours. You might have already seen them, but now you can officially add them to your makeup bag. But only if you act fast.

The thing I love the most about ColourPop, besides their incredible sales and promos, is that they love to keep their fans involved in the creation process. All the tie-dye fuss started when the brand asked their fans which three products they wanted to see swirled into one super item. Then they put together eight of the most-requested combinations and had people vote on their favorite.

Now, for 24 hours only, they've got the final products on their website. Trust me when I say that these products are incredible. There's the Super Shock Shadow called Utopia, Super Shock Blush called Martian, and Super Shock Cheek called Helium. All of them are made out of three existing ColourPop shades and are only available in limited quantity. So while the sale says it's happening for 24 hours only, there's a good chance that they could sell out before that.

This isn't the first time that ColourPop has created a multi-colored product. The brand start with the triple-colored Churro highlighter that was an instant hit. The cheek shine sold out almost as fast as it hit the website, and the restock did as well. So ColourPop tie-dying three new products is pretty darn exciting.

Although these are one-of-a-kind products, the price of them is staying the same. Like the rest of ColourPop's products, the tie-dye items are super affordable. The blush and highlighter are $8 each and the shadow is just $5. Not to mention that the brand is offering their free shipping promo, so you can get all of the products for $21.

As if all of that wasn't already enough, you'll also get a free Birthday Cake eyeshadow with every single purchase. This is sale overload in the best way possible. As of May 27 at 2 p.m. ET, all three tie-dye products are still available on the ColourPop website. You'll want to add them to your virtual cart before it's too late.