Don't Worry, 'Bachelor' Fans: Colton Did Save This Sweet Memento From Cassie After All

by Marenah Dobin
ABC/Rick Rowel

Colton Underwood's season of The Bachelor had an unconventional conclusion. Colton and Cassie Randolph wound together after she previously ended their relationship and left the show. Ultimately, they decided to take things day by day and see where their relationship goes without getting engaged just yet. Still, everything came full-circle in a really sweet way, since Colton saved a butterfly Cassie brought to The Bachelor on the first night.

It would've been a perfect ending if he presented the butterfly when he was trying to win her back, or if he handed her that instead of a final rose. The butterfly never surfaced during the finale episode, but it did on Instagram. In a March 12 Instagram post, Colton shared a selfie of himself holding it and revealed, "She doesn’t know this but I still have the butterfly from the first night." How sweet is that?

In case anyone needs a reminder after a drama-filled season, this is what went down that first night: When Cassie stepped out of the limo, she confessed to Colton that she had butterflies. Aside from being nervous, Cassie literally had a box of (fake) butterflies. Then, she dumped them out onto the Bachelor mansion driveway as symbolism for her getting rid of those nerves. That's a cute way to be remembered, sure. But with 29 other girls, it wasn't even Cassie that made that moment so adorable.

The cuteness occurred when Cassie left the driveway. When she was on her way into the mansion, Colton made it a point to pick up one of the faux butterflies and he put it in his jacket pocket. They didn't show him saving anything from anyone else's arrival. He probably kept the gifts from other girls too, but clearly, Cassie's arrival was the one that stood out.

In response to the post, Cassie shared some red heart emojis. Season 23 fan-favorite Demi commented on it too.

This wasn't the only butterfly mention from Colton on Tuesday night. He even posted a video to his Instagram Story with the caption, "There are butterflies EVERYWHERE." How symbolic, right?

No, Colton did not buy a bunch of butterflies as some sort of grand gesture for Cassie. There was actually a swarm of butterflies taking over Southern California. Curbed LA reported that there are millions of painted lady butterflies in the Los Angeles area.

This is a reportedly part of their normal migration to escape the dry Mexican climate, but there are so many more butterflies than usual right now because of all of the rainfall in Los Angeles. The rain has kept the plants from drying out and that's what (technically) brought the butterflies to California.

Or a less scientific explanation is that they're all Bachelor fans and they wanted to support Colton's quest for love. Let's just go with the latter, OK? Plenty of Bachelor fans did.

Even with all of the doubters and some drama along the way, it seems like Colton's instincts were right all along about Cassie. Saving that butterfly was so sweet, keeping it meant even more, and now the real butterflies are seemingly shipping Cassie and Colton as well.