Cassie From ‘The Bachelor’ Is Giving Fans AND Colton Plenty Of Butterflies

by Marenah Dobin
ABC/ Rick Rowell; ChavezTayler/Twitter

Even though we're just one episode into this season of The Bachelor, fans already have a few favorites. Tweets about Cassie from The Bachelor prove that people are convinced she'll be a frontrunner. Even with 29 other women trying to get a rose from Colton Underwood, Cassie still stood out from the pack. Could she be the final rose recipient? Some viewers are already convinced that might be the case.

As for how exactly she stood out, Cassie is one of the few Bachelor contestants that got an introduction video during the premiere, which means we got to "meet" Cassie before she even got out of the limo. During that video, the fans learned that Cassie is a speech pathologist from California, i.e. she has a "real" job instead of a humorous title like "Cinderella" or "Sloth."

During the premiere, she even had an adorable limo entrance, admitting to Colton that she had butterflies. Then, she revealed that she literally had some (fake) butterflies with her in a box and she dumped them onto the Bachelor mansion driveway.

However, the cutest part of her entrance happened when she was already in the house. Colton went out of his way to pick up one of the butterflies. Then, he put it in his pocket. Did he save anything from any other limo entrance? Not that the viewers saw at least.

At this point, all eyes are on Cassie. Just check out the tweets about her from Monday night's episode.


She Was Loved Right Away

There's no doubt about it, the love for Cassie was very strong. But how does Colton feel? We will have to wait and see.


She's A Frontrunner

One episode in and there's one thing that can bring Bachelor Nation together: Cassie is a frontrunner. She's someone who is liked by the viewers and it seems like she captured Colton's interest as well.


She Didn't Even Dress Up For Night One

How cool is Cassie? Everyone else dressed to the nines in formal gowns. Then there's Cassie in a sundress, looking calm, cool, and collected.


She Got That "Frontrunner" Music

There were plenty of memorable limo arrivals, but Cassie's felt a little bit different. Did anyone else notice that change in music? They even showed her entire entrance from start to finish. This did not happen with everyone else.


She Really Did Get The Best Music

Multiple people noticed the change in music when Cassie showed up. It has to be a sign, right?


Colton Picked Up The Butterfly!

How sweet is that!? She definitely made a great first impression on him and the viewers.


That Butterfly Moment Was Just So Sweet

It was definitely the cutest moment of the episode.


She Set Up A Perfect Scene For The Finale

How adorable would it be for Colton to take a move from Cassie's playbook and bring the butterfly back at the end of the season?


She Knows Sign Language

It seemed like Colton was going to kiss Cassie. She taught him to say "kiss" in sign language. It felt like the perfect opportunity for them to kiss, but it didn't happen, saddening plenty of viewers.


That Kiss Should Have Happened

That really was a missed opportunity for a first kiss. It would have just been a perfect moment.


She Seems Genuine

What's not to like? She is entertaining to watch, she has a great job, and she has chemistry with Colton.

If anyone can be considered a frontrunner this season, it is Cassie. She absolutely killed it on Night One.