You *Might* Want To Keep An Eye On These 'Bachelor' Frontrunners During Colton's Season

by Marenah Dobin
ABC/Craig Sjodin

Unfortunately for fans, Colton Underwood's season of The Bachelor doesn't debut until January. That feels like a long time away, right? Thankfully, host Chris Harrison gave the viewers a taste of what's to come when he introduced the contestants during a Facebook Live announcement on Thursday, even hinting which women to look out for. Basically there are some possible frontrunners for Colton's Bachelor's season, based on Harrison's Facebook comments.

For the most part, the host just ran through everyone's basic stats with their headshots, occupations (real and humorous alike), and hometowns. However, he did contribute some additional remarks to make you wonder, "Will this woman receive Colton's final rose?"

Then again, this is far from Harrison's first rodeo. After all of these seasons, he knows way better than to spoil the outcome of the season before it even begins. For all we know, he purposely made comments to divert the viewers from the outcome. Overthinking aside, it does seem like he blessed us all with some hints about the future Mrs. Underwood.

Harrison teased some sparks with Colton, possible dark horses, and even told the fans to watch out for specific women. Harrison may not have given a ton of information to go on, but he did give plenty of clues about who to overanalyze on the show and social media. Below are the women who could be the frontrunners on Colton's season of The Bachelor.

1. Alex B.

Harrison revealed, "Alex's passion for animals gives her some brownie points with Colton. If you don't know anything about Colton, he loves dogs. I'm not saying he 'likes' dogs. He really loves dogs." Will they end up with puppy love, some ruff times, or a romance lasting many dog years?

2. Caelynn

The host teased, "There's a lot more to her than just pageantry. Her and Colton have, honestly, maybe one of the most emotional conversations we've ever had on the show." He insisted, "And that's not hyperbole."

Harrison elaborated,

"They really do have a conversation and Caelynn goes deep into her life, which kind of opens up some things for Colton. It was easily the most emotional conversation and revealing conversation this season. I was trying to remember if we've ever had anything kind of so emotional and I don't know."

He concluded, "Watch out for Caelynn on a lot of fronts, but definitely a conversation and for being so vulnerable with Colton." Harrison said more about Caelynn than any other contestant — by far. Does this mean she ends up with Colton? Or could she be a contender for the next Bachelorette with all that open vulnerability?

3. Cassie

Harrison described Cassie as a "beautiful girl" and said she was "sweet." Then he warned,

"Here's the thing about sweet, beautiful girls on this show. Sometimes, they stick. Sometimes, they're the underdog and the dark horse. Sometimes, they just kind of get lost in the fray. So we will see where Cassie fits into all of that."

Why spend that much time talking about someone who "gets lost in the fray"? Maybe she is a dark horse who ends up with that Neil Lane diamond ring at the end of the season.

4. Elyse

He said Elyse is "older and wiser than some of the women." Being "wise" is definitely an appealing attribute. He also shared that she "kind of becomes the mom of the group, but do not underestimate her." Based on that last bit alone, Elyse is definitely a frontrunner. There's no way he would tell the fans to "not underestimate her" if she got eliminated early in the season.

5. Hannah G.

Did Harrison spoil the first episode of the season? Not officially, but he dropped a major hint that Hannah G. receives the highly coveted First Impression Rose during the premiere. He told fans to expect an "immediate spark and a big first impression on Night One with Colton."

6. Tayshia

Harrison declared, "Tayshia is the life of the party. Serious chemistry with Colton. I'm just going to say it right now. Definitely, definitely, one to watch this season." There you have it, he straight up told the fandom that Tayshia is "one to watch," which is essentially a synonym for "frontrunner."

Did Harrison inadvertently reveal the women who go the furthest during Colton's season? That remains to be seen, but he really did give some great hints for anyone participating in a Bachelor fantasy league.