Colton Finally Tweeted *Exactly* What Fans Have Been Thinking This Entire 'Bachelor' Season

ABC/Eric McCandless; Colton Underwood/Twitter

Even if you don't watch The Bachelor, there's a good chance you've heard about the fact that Colton Underwood, the show's current lead, was a virgin at the start of the season's filming. Now, Colton has addressed The Bachelor's virginity conversation in a very direct tweet, and he pretty much said what fans have been thinking this whole time.

"I think it's weird some of y'all are so invested in my sex life," Colton wrote on Twitter on Thursday, March 7. He makes a good point: The show's focus on his virginity status has been awkward, intrusive, and downright uncomfortable. Colton's tweet was in response to one from The Bachelor's official Twitter account, which posted a clip from Tuesday night's Women Tell All special. The footage is from the moment in which Chris Harrison asked the contestants whether or not they thought Colton was still a virgin. He actually had them hold up their hands to vote.

The scene was incredibly awkward, and it looks like Colton thinks so too, even if his tweet was meant in a lighthearted or joking way. Even fans seem tired of the virginity conversation at this point — many of the responses to The Bachelor's tweet include some version of the fact that it's really not fans' business what Colton's sex life is like.

Oddly enough, though, some of the responses to Colton's tweet take on a different tone. A number of people hopped into his replies to suggest that it's OK for everyone else to talk about Colton's virginity, since he's talked about it so much himself. "It's weird you let ABC center your whole season around it," one person responded to Colton's tweet. "You literally bring it up 100 times an episode and that was the whole reason you became bachelor to being with," another fan tweeted.

The fan responses to Colton's tweet may seem a little harsh, since after all, he's not in charge of ABC's editing. And based on his tweet, it seems like he would've appreciated if his virginity wasn't such a big part of the show. (He didn't exactly seem amused by all of the virginity jokes when the contestants first got out of the limo, either.)

Before the show started, Colton talked about his virginity while promoting The Bachelor's new season. "I am a virgin, but that's just a small part of who I am," Colton said in one of the trailers. He also talked about the subject on an episode of the Ben and Ashley: Almost Famous podcast last year, before his Bachelor season aired.

"When I hear it's a roadblock, when people say that, I start to believe that more. So for me to hear people say, 'Hey, it's a skeleton in your closet,' it's like, well, why's that a skeleton?" Colton said on the podcast, according to People. "Why isn't that just part of who I am and what makes me me? Why does that have to be portrayed as a bad thing?"

By having scenes like the one on Women Tell All, though, The Bachelor does make it seem like Colton's virginity is a "skeleton," or at least that it's something abnormal. So it's pretty understandable why he'd be fed up enough to tweet about people being too "invested" in such a personal detail about his life.

Even if he's talked about being a virgin in the past, those conversations were on his terms, unlike the vote in Tuesday's episode. Colton's virginity is no one else's business, and it's time to put this topic to rest, once and for all.