Colton Finally Got To Tell His Side Of The Story On 'Men Tell All'

Paul Hebert/YouTube

Now that Men Tell All is finally here, Becca Kufrin's Bachelorette contestants are back to air out all the stuff they've been holding in since filming the show earlier this year. And after seeing what went down with him and Tia Booth — and how blindsided he was when Becca sent him home after hometown dates — it goes without saying that Colton Underwood was definitely going to have plenty to say on the special. Colton's hot seat talk on Men Tell All gave him a chance to tell his side of the story, and it was pretty intense.

Obviously, one of Chris Harrison's first questions was asking Colton about what it was like when Becca sent him home, and yes, he was just as surprised as he looked. Colton said he wasn't even thinking that he'd go home that night, and he was just assuming that he'd still be there the next week. When Becca told him that he was going home, he was definitely blindsided.

Then, Chris asked him if his feelings for Becca were really as genuine as they seemed, in light of the Tia fiasco, and he had a pretty adorable answer prepared: Anyone would fall in love with Becca, given the chance.

He said, "I challenge any decent human being to spend the time that I've spent with Becca and see who she is and not fall in love. Because I wasn't even thinking about Tia."

Colton added:

We all know the last time I spoke to Tia was the spa date. I was so focused and so invested in my relationship with Becca and I hate to call it a red flag but Becca is looking for any type of signs from any of the guys of "who's going to be here for me for the rest of my life?" and the fact that one of her best friends came back and spoke her truth — I can't fault Tia for that but it's tough to hear.

He also said that, as he's pointed out before, he did spent time with her before Tia's season of The Bachelor aired, and that she even encouraged him to go on The Bachelorette, so he was pretty shocked to hear that she still had feelings for him when she told Becca.

Another huge topic for Colton this season was his virginity, and that's something he addressed as well. He opened up about how difficult it was for him to tell Becca in the first place, but also how hard it is for him to broach that topic in general — and he even teared up when he talked about the hate and mocking he's gotten from other men about it.

But in light of the rude comments Colton has received, it's pretty brave of him to be honest about something that's obviously so important to him. Things didn't work out with Becca, but maybe he'll have better luck on Bachelor in Paradise this summer. After all, Tia will be there.