Asher's Fling Is Definitely Not The Wildest Thing To Happen At The 'HTGAWM' Wedding

Mitch Haaseth/ABC

Only the Keating Five, or Four, or whatever the How To Get Away With Murder kids are calling themselves these days, would turn a wedding between two of their beloved own into a crime scene rife with deep dark secrets around every corner. And sex. In the flash forward last week, Connor's mom on How To Get Away With Murder was hooking up with Asher in a parking lot. Of all the things to do at your son's wedding, right?

At the end of last week's episode, Oliver let slip that he'd invited Connor's mother and his mother up for the weekend — a weekend that became their surprise joint bachelor party thanks to some suspicious quick thinking by "best men "Asher and Michaela. Apparently, Pam Walsh made quite the impression, as Connor discovers Asher going down on her while he's looking for the still missing Oliver before the first dance. Get it, Connor's mom!

So, that means Asher and Michaela really are done — right? Do you think Bonnie knows about this new development? It's unclear whether or not they were in a secret relationship at the time, or if this was a heat of the moment wedding reception encounter.

According to the official description of Thursday's episode, "We Can Find Him," Connor's mom will be introduced in a more dignified manner. "Connor and Oliver try to keep their cool while their mothers are in town helping with wedding plans," the description teases. The description for the episode after that says that "Connor and Oliver attempt to secure a church for their wedding to appease their moms," which suggests there may be conflict between the two families that has nothing to do with any Millstone trysts.

ABC told TVInsider that, with regards to Connor's mother, "it’s safe to say that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree" and that she's "unpredictable." In a promo, Connor asks what mom goes to her son's bachelor party and she replies "cool moms," wine glass in hand. Oh boy.

Pam Walsh is played by Cynthia Stevenson, who you may remember from Dead Like Me, Agent Cody Banks, Jennifer's Body, or Men In Trees. Oliver's mother, Joanna Hampton, will also show up soon in Season 5, played by actor Mia Katigbak according to an official ABC press release. We know even less about the hacker's family — though it seems Oliver may be closer to his parents than his fiancé is.

In previous seasons, we learned that Connor's mom had a breakdown when he came out at 12 — possibly related to the fact that her husband and Connor's father, who came out later, was also gay. They got divorced, and both parents' relationship with Connor became somewhat strained. If Connor visits any family member at Thanksgiving and/or Christmas, it's his sister Gemma. Other than that, not much is known about Mamma Walsh and how she'll react to being involved in her son's wedding.

There's a reason that the law students on How To Get Away With Murder came together first under Annalise Keating, and then under the same roof. With some exceptions, Oliver included, most of them don't have stable family lives. Either they're estranged, or burdened under steep expectations, or never had the kind of parental support they needed. Connor's background has always been a bit of a mystery, and with his mom showing up in Season 5, we're finally going to get some more answers.