Cool ASOS Looks To Pack For Every Kind Of Spring Break

Spring break is the best time of the year for several reasons, but mostly because you can transform your closet into the tropical oasis of your dreams. Swapping your sweaters for swimsuits and boots for sandals tends to cast a sunny glow on everything — even if surfing waves in Malibu turns into couch surfing at home. When you’ve packed the best styles for your spring break vacation, getting into the spirit of the season is easy.

Heading to the waves? Then first head to ASOS, where you can source a statement-making suit and, more importantly, the key pool accessories (ahem, pink donut float) that’ll kick off your spring break social feed. If you’re embracing the landlocked life, then plan a full day of exploring your own neighborhood — or skip town on an impromptu road trip — and make sure you’re sporting something cool and supremely comfy for the adventure. After all, you’re going to want to find as many sights to ‘gram as possible, and you’ll be the stylish focal point of each pic.

Regardless of where you’re headed, packing these go-to styles will ensure your vacation vibes are going strong, no matter what.

From The Pool To The Beach

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Whether the motion of the ocean’s calling your name or you’re lounging poolside, this splashy look will make waves wherever you are. Inflate your best float, stash your waterside essentials (sunscreen, lip balm, and that novel you’ve been waiting to start) inside your backpack, and hit the deck in your boho-inspired suit and sandals.

For Your Sightseeing Adventure

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Take to the streets for a walking tour of that artsy neighborhood district in this cool matching denim set. The open-back top is perfect for catching the breeze on a hot afternoon, and silver lace-up sandals ensure your feet look great and feel even better. Store souvenirs from your adventures in this cute, sequined cactus backpack, which will serve you just as well come fall.

For The Weekend Road Trip

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Toss the necessities into your oversized palm tote and hit the road in style. With your feet kicked up on the dash (tapping out the beat to your perfectly curated “Spring Break Road Trip” playlist), you’ll want your shoes to look good. A comfy set of Vans hits the mark with a single metallic stripe — and a ruffly romper will billow just so when the world speeds past your rolled-down window.

For A Night On The Town

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It’s all about the details with this night-ready look: colorful dress tassels, festive poms, and nautical nuances on footwear (by way of rope fastenings) keep the look subtly spring break-centric. Give the elegant look a metallic splash of color with a pink or silver scrunchie, and add a touch of whimsy with eye-shaped earrings.

For A Music Festival

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The key to looking amazing, feeling your best, and (most importantly) making it to all the must-see sets during a music festival is dressing comfortably. This oversized band tee tells other festival-goers this ain’t your first rodeo, and rainbow sunnies ensure the only sunbeams that sting your eyes will be the ones radiating off of your favorite band.

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