13 Corduroy Pieces That'll Bring The '70s Straight To Your Winter Wardrobe

You may have noticed that corduroy is back in fashion. Not just back, I might add. It's practically taken over my personal wardrobe as well as the wardrobes of plenty of others.

Although fashion works in cyclical ways, this is the first time that cord has seen such a resurgence since its '70s-era popularity. You've only got to picture a person wearing corduroy to figure what happened in the decades between. A fusty stereotype led to older generations, and only older generations, favouring the "poor man's velvet", as it was once referred to.

Funny, then, that cord has now become rather luxurious. Now, you've got pink, purple, and red hues designed to draw attention. There's mini dresses and fitted jackets along with all manner of trouser styles. Retro styles haven't been forgotten. No, there's boilersuits and mini skirts aplenty to pay homage to trends of yore.

With the ability to be styled down for casual environments and up for special occasions, corduroy is a truly versatile fabric. And, thanks to the high street, you don't have to spend a fortune to get a look in. Without further ado, here's all the cord pieces you need to know about this winter.