Corinne's 'Bachelor' Photo Shoot Caused A Stir

Rick Rowell/ABC

Another season of The Bachelor, another season of contestants judging each other every week. It’s only week two, you guys, and some of the women have already found other ways to make digs at each other. This started on Nick’s very first group date, which involved the chosen women wearing wedding dresses and doing differently themed photo shoots. Corinne’s was some kind of pool wedding, so her outfit was a white bikini. A few photos into the shoot, Corinne took her top off on The Bachelor, and the other women were not happy. At all. In fact, they became extremely judgmental and shamed Corinne for something that really shouldn't be a big deal.

Corinne has a lot of confidence in her relationship with Nick anyway because she got the first kiss, but that confidence became readily apparent when she decided to lose the bikini top for her photo shoot with Nick. I mean, they’re just boobs — even if you don’t have them, you’ve seen them. They come in all shapes and sizes, they feed humans, and they are just there. Boobs don’t faze me, but apparently, the other women were very traumatized by Corinne’s breasts, because as soon as they came out, they became outraged. The other women on the group date talked a lot about how Nick wouldn’t want to bring a woman “like that” home, a woman that had bared her body on television, etc., as if Corinne’s breasts would bring down a nation.

Rick Rowell/ABC

Even if you personally wouldn't have taken your top off in that situation (I wouldn't have been able to), Corinne is a grown woman and she can do what she wants. If she's confident and wants to take her top off, she is entitled to do so, and it doesn’t make Corinne any less intelligent or kind, and it does not make her a slut. The s-word wasn’t dropped by The Bachelor women, but the insinuation was there, and their behavior was slut-shaming.

I ’m not thrilled with Corinne’s character on The Bachelor just yet (the way she interrupted every other woman’s date with Nick was annoying after a while), but when it comes to nudity, her choosing to go bare has nothing to do with her character.