Corinne Olympios' Boyfriend Is Supporting Her Every Step Of The Way Amid The 'Bachelor In Paradise' Scandal


The past two weeks have been a complete whirlwind of news and rumors for Bachelor fans, and now that Bachelor in Paradise will officially resume filming, it doesn't seem like it's going to slow down anytime soon. Although Warner Bros. has announced that its internal investigation did "not support any charge of misconduct by a cast member, Corinne Olympios is still working with lawyer Martin Singer. And on Wednesday, Olympios' boyfriend spoke out about BiP, making it clear that he'll be supporting her every step of the way.

In an interview with E! News, her boyfriend — whose name is Jordan Gielchinsky — revealed that he and Olympios have been in each other's lives for a very long time, and it doesn't seem like that's about to change. Despite the fact that he did offer a little insight into their relationship, he also mentioned that he won't be making a full comment into the situation until Olympios' lawyer is finished conducting his own investigation.

Gielchinsky said:

And even though he's been thrust into the public eye amid the allegations surrounding Olympios, DeMario Jackson (who had also hired a lawyer and claimed his character was "assassinated" with "false claims and malicious allegations" in a statement), and BiP in general, Gielchinsky said he hasn't been keeping up with what the internet is saying. He continued:  

On Tuesday, Warner Brothers announced that it had concluded its investigation without finding that any misconduct had occurred, and released the following statement:  

Later the same day, Olympios lawyer, Singer, added his own statement:

It is unclear what will happen next for Olympios and Gielchinsky, or if any of these recent developments will change as Bachelor in Paradise resumes filming. But fortunately, it sounds like she can count on his support no matter what the future holds.