Corinne & Taylor Never Got Along On 'The Bachelor'

Michael Yada/ABC

Any Bachelor fan worth their long-stemmed roses knows that there have to be a pair of archenemies in the Bachelor mansion. Even if they don’t get along for, like, three weeks before one of them gets sent packing (or left on an island somewhere like Olivia), the show needs to feed off that drama like Seymour in Little Shop Of Horrors. On Nick’s season of The Bachelor, that pairing was Corinne and Taylor. These two despised each other all season long, and, on the eve of Women Tell All, let’s ask the question — why didn't Corinne and Taylor like each other on The Bachelor?

Taylor is a licensed mental health professional with her own practice (which is pretty cool), and Corinne is a part-time model who helps her family run their multi-million-dollar family business. That’s not bad either. They are both very young (Taylor was just 23 at the time of filming, and Corinne was only 24), and their relative success at their ages is really the only thing these two had in common. Corinne and Taylor were like oil and water. They didn’t walk into the mansion hating each other — it all started when Corinne started to monopolize Nick because she wanted to spend the most time with him.

Corinne’s M.O. was that she would interrupt, oh, anyone who was talking with Nick in order to increase her quality time with him. Finally, during one cocktail party, Taylor said, “nah,” and she interrupted Corinne right back. Not being the most self-aware person in the world and not seeing that what Taylor did was exactly what Corinne was doing herself, Corinne threw a fit, and Taylor was a marked woman. The snipping and sniveling started from there — snide comments, glances that could kill, etc. You know, pretty normal Bachelor stuff.

All of this came to a head after one of the cocktail parties with Nick, and Corinne and Taylor verbally had it out in front of a roaring fire. Taylor kept saying the words “emotional maturity” over and over, and Corinne told Taylor over and over that she wasn’t stupid and she didn’t appreciate the insinuation that she was. It boiled down to Taylor thinking that Corinne was spoiled and entitled and no good for Nick, and Corinne thought that Taylor was bullying her. This, of course, is the perfect set-up for a two-on-one date.

Ah, the dreaded two-on-one. Nick took Corinne and Taylor down into the bayou (they were in New Orleans), and, I don’t know, they walked through the swamp and got their cards read by a tarot reader that happened to be sitting in the middle of said swamp. The activity is not that important. What is important, though, is that Corinne chose her single time on the two-on-one date to unload on Nick everything that Taylor’s done and tell him why she doesn’t think Taylor is there for the right reasons.

This was Taylor’s biggest mistake — in a situation like this, you have to get to the Bachelor first to complain about the other person. Taylor played it too mature here, and because of that, she missed the jump. Nick, who has been on one of these shows four times so I don’t know how he believed it all, listened to Corinne and ultimately decided to send Taylor home. Was it Corinne’s speech that did it? Probably not completely, but I’m sure it helped.

After Nick sent Taylor on an airboat into the horizon, Taylor wasn’t finished. No, she came back to interrupt Nick and Corinne’s dinner and tell Nick what a snake she thought Corinne had been all season long. But like JoJo famously once sang, this was too little, too late, and Taylor was sent home for the second time.

How will these ladies interact with each other at the Women Tell All? Oh, lordy, lordy. I can say that I predict fireworks. I don’t think that they get along any better than they did then, and, after seeing all of the behind-the-scenes sniping either woman did about the other, I’m sure they’ll both have some things to say.