'The Bachelor' 2-On-1 Was Seriously Intense

Rick Rowell/ABC

It happens once a season, so we should have been prepared, Bachelor fans – the two-on-one date is here! Taylor and Corinne were picked for the dreaded date, but that was an easy call. These two hate each other, and their last encounter was a big arguing match in front of a roaring fire in Milwaukee. It was only natural that Nick would have to choose between Taylor and Corinne, and Nick sent Taylor home on The Bachelor two-on-one date.

I feel like the women on the show knew it was coming, because a few commented on how Corinne and Taylor loathed each other and how it didn’t affect them. That would be my opinion, too — you can’t let other people’s nonsense get in your way, kids! Anyway, Corinne and Taylor went into the bayou, and only one of them came out. There was a voodoo reading, some tarot cards, bones on the ground (that seemed like they were planted by production, but whatever), and plenty of alligators.

In the tradition of Bachelor villains, Corinne somehow convinced Nick that Taylor was the one who was stirring up trouble in the house, and she told him that Taylor was "mean" and a "bully" and yadda yadda. The best part was the hubris of both women going into the date. Taylor and Corinne were both so sure that they would win the rose, and yet, alas, Taylor was sent a-packing.

Taylor, you weren't quite cut out for The Bachelor, but I know you're doing great things out in the real world.