This Costco K-Beauty Kit Is So Big It Has Its Own Manual

Unlike makeup, skin care doesn't really settle into the realm of trends. Sure, there are glitter masks that keep popping up and retinals are all the rage, but skin care staples are always around. One trend that has stuck around for a while though is K-Beauty, and Costco's Case Full Of Seoul is the answer to all your Korean skin care needs.

Upset because you don't have a Costco membership? Don't be. According to Allure, there's good news. You don't need one to purchase the incredible range of products available at the big box purveyor of bulk items. As it turns out, you can order items directly from the Costco website without having a membership. Some items are marked as required membership, but not the Case Full of Seoul, and it's honestly such good news.

Why should you be excited about K-beauty goods when you can hit up pretty much anywhere and snag a sheet mask? It's because this case is so much more than just a sheet mask. In fact, it's an 11-item kit of full size K-beauty products that all work in tandem to help you perfect that Korean skin care routine you've heard so much about and always wanted to try.

Perhaps the best thing about Costco's Case Full of Seoul isn't even the products. It's the fact that this thing is so comprehensive of K-beauty that it actually comes with a manual.

On the Costco website, you'll find that there is a PDF downloadable booklet complete with how to go through all 10 steps of a traditional Korean skin care routine. In the booklet, there are four routines. The Morning Glory is a six step regime meant to be done, obviously, in the morning. Then, there's the seven step nighttime routine called the Sleep Beauty. If you don't want to move through all of these steps every day, there are two more for you. One designed to be an at home spa day for weekends, and the other appears to be for days when you want to go makeup free and rock some serious skin care instead.

According to Allure, Costco didn't create this kit on their own. Instead, it was crafted by a Korean company that tests emerging beauty brands. Umma, the company in question, crafted the perfect products for K-beauty newbies to experiment with the legendary, 10-step routine. This case didn't happen over night either. It took Umma a solid year to choose products that not only work together seamlessly but that are suitable for all skin types. No matter what state your skin is in, this kit should work for you.

As for the cost, it does appear to be pricy. It's going to cost you $149.99, but keep in mind what you're getting. Once you break down the nearly $150 price tag, you'll find that it's truly not that extravagant given what you're getting. The kit features an all-in-one toner, emulsion, and essence, a cleanser, two essences, an eye treatment, moisturizer, sunscreen, primer, serum, and mask. That breaks down to just over $13 per product. See, not that bad, right? Plus, according to PopSugar, the retail cost is over $350.

If you love K-beauty or if you're new to the world of essences, serums, and enzymes, the Case Full of Seoul kit from Costco is kind of perfect no matter which camp you fall into. With routines that work for all skin types and a full-on manual on how to use them in the best possible way, this kit is kind of a miracle worker. If you want to shop the case, head over to the Costco website now. This one of a kind product is kind of genius.